Over the last couple of decades there has been a steady increase in the number of men really paying attention to their appearance, in far more detailed ways than ever before.  However, there are still men out there that don’t understand the importance of having well looked after, groomed facial hair.

Important meetings, dates, job interviews and many other events in a man’s life can be ruined by attending them without paying proper attention to their beard.  While it might be alright for rockers, stand-up comedians and poets to let their beards grow long and ragged, this does not necessarily mean it is the right course of action for all men.

Below is a table that lists the top 10 best beard trimmer models available at the moment.

wahl1Wahl 9918-1117 Beard and Moustache Groomsman Trimmer Mains/Rechargeable
wahl9116Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Hair, Beard, Moustache Trimmer Set
wahl9906Wahl 9906-2017 Silver Groomsman Battery Hair, Beard and Moustache Trimmer Set
remingtonb4040Remington MB4040 Lithium Powered
remingtonmb320REMINGTON MB320C Barba
philipsqtPhilips QT4090 Beard TrimmerPhilips
philipsqt40Philips QT4015/23 Stubble Trimmer
phlips-istubbleBaByliss for Men 7895U I-Stubble Plus
philips-beard-trimmerBaByliss for Men 7107U Precision Beard Trimmer

Although it might sound cool to let your beard grow as if it has a mind of its own, it really isn’t the best look professionally.  Your beard should not make it seem as if you are just letting yourself go.  If you want to maintain your beard and stop it from looking like you are going to audition for the part of Gandalf the Grey in Lord of the Rings Trilogy, then you really should invest in the best beard trimmer you can find.

I personally prefer to grown and maintain a beard, for no other reason other than I love the way it looks.  My wife agrees that generally my chin, mouth and face look better when I have a nice bit of fur on it.   There has been times, don’t get me wrong, when I have just let it grow out and done absolutely nothing to stop it or control it. However, even if I am going through one of those periods and I know there are some social gatherings or special events happening, I will start to look after my beard better by using either my shaver or my beard trimmer.

All beard trimmers are different, depending on the manufacturer.  Regardless of whether the attachments need to be clicked onto the shaver head or come built-in, the main purpose of a beard trimmer is that it enables you to groom your facial hair the way you want it without spending the often extortionate prices charged at a barbershop.

There is a wide variety of beard trimmers on the market nowadays – some are quite boxy and bulky, while others have specially designed 3D pivoting heads that help reduce the chance of skin irritation.  Some are perfect for dry shaving while others have lubrication that can be released at the press of a button.  Some can be used to also trim your ear, nose and chest hair, while others are suitable for use in the shower.

As there are so many different types of beard trimmers available, it can be tricky working out which one will be the best choice for you.  Every manufacturer has their own unique style of electric beard trimmer and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages too. You may be wondering which features you should be looking for when it comes to beard trimmers and which extras make certain models better than others.

To give you some help in this department, on this site we will look at some of the most important features and factors you should consider when deciding which is the best beard trimmer to purchase.