4 Great Advantages of Investing in an Electric Shaver

If for you, shaving is that time of the day when you have to endure all manner of pain, discomfort and razor burn, it may be time to invest in an electric shaver. It’s true that many people say you can’t beat the closeness and precision of a wet shave. However, there are some great advantages that come from using an electric shaver. The following post looks at some of the best.

More Comfortable

It may be hard to argue with the claim that an electric shaver is unable to give as close a shave as a wet razor blade. However, when it comes to a more comfortable shave, electric shaver is a real winner. You are less likely to experience cuts, nicks, irritation and nasty razor burn, as highlighted at the outset.

Quick and Convenient

We couldn’t do a post about the advantages of using electric shavers over razor blades without talking about convenience and speed. With conventional shaving, there is a lot more involved. You have to prepare the skin, then cover the areas you want to shave in cream, oil or foam. Then you start shaving, but as you need to rinse the razor between strokes, it is often a more labour-intensive and longer lasting experience.

With an electric shaver on the other hand, you simply just have to switch it on and shave.

Great Return on Investment

Another aspect of electric shavers, when compared to wet razors, that is hard to deny is the fact that they are lot more expensive upfront. For many people that may be a deal breaker. However, you need to look beyond the initial payment and consider how much money an electric shaver could save you in the long term.

While you have to keep buying replacement blades for your wet razor, you don’t need to spend out quite as much during the lifespan of your shaver. They are built to last a long time, as long as you take care of them. If, and only if, you need to replace any parts of your shaver, it will usually be after a long time has passed.


There is a knack to using a razor. You need a lot of practice to get the lathering, grip, pressure and shaving angle just right. This means you need to invest time into it. Which is not ideal if you only have limited time. Whereas shaving using an electric shaver is almost completely fool proof. There are only a few safety steps to keep in mind and once you’ve got a feel for the shaver in your hand and as long as you are cautious round more sensitive areas, you will find it is a lot easier to use.

There you have it – some very good reasons why you should consider investing in an electric shaver. Even if you want to keep using a razor for shaving on occasion, read this Wahl shavers review and consider adding it to your collection of grooming accessories.