5 Interesting Reasons Why Men Do Not Shave Their Beards

It doesn’t matter how many good reasons some men are given as to why they should invest in the latest and best beard trimmer and all the associated hair removal products, they still don’t want to shave and insist on keeping the hair on their faces.  Over the years, electric shavers and razors have become the standard in grooming tools for men.  To many people the idea of leaving the house without shaving is just wrong.  You may wonder then, why some people don’t shave.  In the following post that’s what we will look at.  You will see that there is a huge variety of reasons from personality and even religious beliefs.

Fear They Will Lose Their Masculinity

One of the strangest and most popular reason why men avoid shaving or using trimmers and shaving paraphernalia is because they feel as if it makes them more effeminate.  This is not helped by the media and fiction portrayal, often in the fantasy genre, of what a real man is.  Geeky and nerdy guys are generally seen as not being real men whereas the ones with beards are, just like their favourite fictional characters (such as Vikings, pirates and dwarves).

Religious Reasons

You may or may not know that there is in fact some religious groups and sects that do not allow men of that faith to remove their facial hair.  Some examples include Islam, Zoroastrianism and Sikhism.  Advertising executives know that it is pointless even trying to target shaving and razor products at these people.  The Amish, another reclusive and very strict Christian group, might actually view the best electric shavers on the market as the work of the devil himself.

Own Personal Taste And Style

There are some men who simply do not need or want an electric shaver because they have no use for them.  These are the men who have chosen to grow out their beard by choice and are happy to be bearded and unshaven.  As well as it being a fashion statement, some men choose to grow beards to cover embarrassing blemishes and other imperfections such as scars and being hare-lipped.


Some men, do not shave for very different reasons to the above – because they are too lazy to keep to any rigid kind of shaving routine.  They just let it grow out because it is easier to grow out than to actually shave or trim their beard.

Health Reasons

Another, more serious reason why some men do not shave their beard is often because of health reasons.  It could be that they are somehow incapacitated and can’t physically shave.  In which case they would normally call on the help of a carer or family member, but their pride might stop them from allowing this to happen.  It could also be that if they have serious mental health issues, they are just not able to cope with the daily or weekly task of keeping their beard either in check or shaving it completely.