A Couple Of Great Beard-Centred Book Reviews

What do you get the bearded guy who has everything?  What if they already have a decent shaver or trimmer, beard shampoos, beard oils, beard waxes, conditioners, assorted pairs of scissors and different combs?  You get them a book or two about beards, that’s what.

There are many books out there about beards – some great, some not so great and some just plain weird.  In the following post we will look at just two books, the two we think are the most interesting centred in some way on the world of beards.  There is a relatively funny and quite witty book about how to style your beard properly and other facts and information about beards and a fun kid’s book, that adults will love too, that you can actually wear and use as a style good to see what beards suit you best.

The Little Book of Beards Paperback by Rufus Cavendish



There have been numerous books entitled “The Little Book..” including the likes of “The Little Book of Calm”, “The Little Book Of Joy” etc.  However, an independent author named Rufus Cavendish has recently released a series of modern and slightly offbeat versions of the “Little book of” collection.  Along with this, The Little Book of Beards, he has tackled subject ranging from cocktails, moustaches, etiquette and cocktails.  All with the same sense of jovial wit and humour (subject to taste).

So what is the book actually about?

Well, the author Rufus Cavendish starts his Little Book Of Beards with an introduction talking about some of the accessories and products you need to successfully grow and wear a beard.  After that he takes us through 15 different recognisable styles of beard based on famous faces from history, fictional characters and modern celebrities, known for their facial hair.

With chapter names such as The Eastwood, The Devil, The Lemmy, The Shakespeare, The Wolverine, The Gandalf The Gosling and The Blackbeard…we are sure you can see what he is getting at.  Within each chapter there is a description and picture of said beard, before he then discusses the difficulty of growing that particular beard and how to wear it.  Along the way, some of the chapters feature tips on creating faux beards (The Blackbeard chapter is a good example) and it is written in a very laid back and informal way, with some choice examples of the author’s humour along the way.

It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it is a fun and easy to read book and could provide some inspiration for beard styles.

Customer Opinions

If you are unsure about whether this will suit the bearded one in your life, you should take a look at the customer reviews.  Surprisingly, most of the reviews are rather favourable with a clear majority of customers awarding it the full 5 star rating.  Seen as more of a stocking filler of a gift, it is something fun that you could give to accompany a bigger present.  All in all though, it has been put together with a reasonable amount of care.

While it would be foolish to expect this silly little book to actually provide real insight and inspiration to the bearded of society, when you see it for what it really is – a fun little book intended to provide you with some giggles – it makes a lot more sense.

This book will suit any bearded bloke who has an easy going sense of humour.

Book-O-Beards: A Wearable Book (Wear-A-Book) Board book by Donald Lemke



The second book we are going to highlight is ostensibly more of a children’s book, though when you read some of the Amazon UK reviews by customers who have purchased it, you may wonder who really likes the book more.  If you, or your children (it is SUPPOSED to be a children’s book after all, we can reiterate that enough times), have always wondered what you might look like with a particular beard – this book by Donald Lemke (who has written a series of books in a similar vein to this one, such as Book Of Masks, Book Of Teeth and Book of Hats), gives you the chance to find out without going to the hassle of growing it for real only to discover you don’t suit it at all.

So what is this book actually about?

It really is as simple as that.  Designed as a board book (remember those from your childhood?  Or the hilarious Shirley Hughes-penned series and other classics), it is suitable for young children and includes lots of beautifully drawn, colourful illustrations, catchy rhymes that will make you giggle out loud and a lot of interactive dialogue that makes them perfect for keeping your little ones pre-occupied.  Oh, and there are beard…that you can wear.  6 in total.

Among the 6 beard masks you can try out, there is Pirate, Sailor and Lumberjack.  All of the beard masks feature die-cut mask holes, so there is a guarantee that they are going to be perfectly safe to use to play around with your little ones with.

Customer Opinions

Again, you may not feel the need to, but looking at the Amazon UK reviews of this book is actually quite enlightening.  For what is really just a silly little book, it appears to have brought a lot of people joy.  It helps that the book has been illustrated beautifully and has had a lot of time and effort spent on it, so that the rhymes and layout are just right.  Many of the customers seem to be unsure though, as hinted at the start of this review, who actually finds the book funnier – the kids or the adults.

We imagine this book will be great for inspiring the imaginations of little ones everywhere, but, that it would also be a lot of fun at a family or social gathering when the beer, wine and cocktails have flown freely and everyone is a little tipsy.