Achieving A Cool Goatee 2016

Once your beard has grown, men, you then have the choice of shaving it or keeping it.  The fun part is working out just how much you want to shave off.  Some people like to shave only to trim their full beard and make it look neater, whereas others prefer more elaborate styles.  One of the most popular beard styles at the moment (and it has been the case for a long time) is what is known as the goatee.  The style combines a moustache and chin beard and there are three different types of goatee beard that you will see –

The “Van Dyke” – Disconnected moustache and goatee chin beard

The “Musketeer” – Hungarian moustache coupled with a very severely shaped goatee chin beard,

The “Door Knocker” – This is trimmed so that the chin beard connects with the moustache, and is also known as a circle beard.

If you decide you would like to grow a goatee beard, you need to take some important steps to get there.  The first thing, which is not particularly surprising, is that you should grow your beard through completely, especially around the chin and mouth.  It is best to grow your beard out longer than you intend to keep it, so you have enough to work with when it comes to trimming and shaping it.  Be patient, as this is something that can’t be rushed.  You should also realise that even after you have grown your beard out and trimmed it down that the work maintaining it is not over, especially if you want it to look good.  You should wash, clean and work oil into your beard to keep it healthy and strong.

It is also a good idea before you start trimming and cutting at your beard to sit down and have a  good think about the way you want it to look and if you will be comfortable having it in a particular goatee style.  If you start with a longer beard than you want, this also allows you the opportunity to try styles to see which you feel most comfortable with.  You can also use this time to decide whether you want a beard with a lot or a little hair below the mouth and whether or not you want the beard to connect with the moustache.

Goatees have never been more popular, thanks to lots of popular characters and stars, including Bryan Cranston as the anti-hero lead Walter White in Breaking Bad.  By exercising patience and being careful when approaching the shaping, trimming and styling process, you will have the goatee that suits you best and one you feel comfortable with.

Some Quick Tips

Here are some quick and easy to follow tips for getting your goatee just the way you want it.

  • Shave accurately and always approach the edges of your face with the razor or trimmer very carefully.
  • Regardless of the goatee style you opt for, you need to ensure that the hair on both sides of your face is identical or it will not look as good.
  • If you are going to shape and trim your beard into a goatee using a razor, you need to ensure that it is a fairly new blade, clean and very sharp.  It is recommended though, that if you can, that you use an electric shaver.
  • As you should be following the direction the hair lies when shaving, you should shave all over and not just one direction, to catch any stray hairs growing out the opposite direction to that of the majority.