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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

It is definitely possible to have more energy throughout the day, or at least while you are awake, and it all comes down to quality sleep. Try these 5 ways to improve your quality of sleep and you’ll see a difference fairly quickly. Synchronize With Your Body

Greatest Beards In British History

When you are trying to figure out which style of beard you can and want to grow, there are various places you could look for inspiration.  As well as family, friends and work colleagues; you could also look to famous British people, both living and historical figures

A Couple Of Great Beard-Centred Book Reviews

What do you get the bearded guy who has everything?  What if they already have a decent shaver or trimmer, beard shampoos, beard oils, beard waxes, conditioners, assorted pairs of scissors and different combs?  You get them a book or two about beards, that’s what. There are

Our Guide To The Ultimate Beard T-Shirts

We have looked at a number of different things that you may want to get for yourself or the beard lover in your life, if they have everything else they could ever want or need to help with their grooming.  As a continuation of the theme, with