Best Beard Conditioners

Having a beard is a normal thing to do, but as well as actually having one, you need to proper look after it, to help your face look neat and good.  One of the most important things you should invest in when you are looking after and maintaining your beard is a beard conditioner.  A beard conditioner can help to keep your beard looking and feeling great.  What are the best beard conditioners?  We have put together a helpful guide with reviews of five of our favourite beards conditioners below.

Percy Nobleman Beard Wash A Natural 95% Organic Soap / Shampoo & Conditioner for Men


A great beard conditioner should do as the name suggests and help you to keep your beard in tip top condition.  You want one that will help to wash it without taking any of the natural oils out of it and one that is only made from the very best ingredients.

One such beard conditioner is the Percy Nobleman Beard Wash.  This is a particularly popular beard conditioner not only because it comes in a groovy looking spray bottle, but because it is made with 95% active and organic ingredients, so you know it is good for your face and beard.

It does exactly what we said any beard conditioner should at the outset of the review and cleans your beard gently and carefully without removing any of those natural oils that help to keep your beard in good shape.

The ingredients list is full of natural stuff and you will never be scratching your head in dismay at any of the it.  It is a specially formulated blend of Shea butter, coconut oil, sesame oil and natural flower water and has been scented with cedar wood and lime essential oils, so that when you finish using it your face has something of a citrus aroma to it.

Customers Opinion

With over 120 reviews submitted by customers on Amazon and around 90 of those scoring it the maximum 5 out of 5 stars and less than 20 reviewers scoring it 3 or less out of 5, it is fair to say that the Percy Nobleman beard wash lives up to its own hype.  The first thing many customers hone in on is the fact that unlike other, expensive beard conditioners and other beard accessories on the market, is the smell and how uniquely fresh and natural it is and just how pleasant it is general.

Obviously scent aside, you may be wondering if customers actually think it does the job well that it is labelled to do.  Again, the vast majority of Amazon customers were delighted with how easy, quick and effective it was and some had said within days, even after the first use, that they had seen a marked improvement in the condition of their beard.

In strange contrast, a number of customers felt it really wasn’t worth the price tag and that they weren’t sure it actually did their beard any good.  Although this immediately sounds like a negative, it is important to remember the number of positive reviews that are glowing in praise compared to the number of reviews that mention any downsides.

We feel that for a reasonable price and given how natural and caring it has been designed and formulated, the Percy Nobleman Beard Wash is one of the best things you could buy for your beard.  Particularly if you want an easy way to keep is soft, clean and smelling great.

The Real Man Company Beard Balm and Leave In Conditioner

real man beard balm

We love the name of the makers of the next beard conditioner we are reviewing, it instils a sense of pride in you when you read The Real Man Company Beard Balm and Leave in Conditioner.  So, is this really for real men?  If a real man is a man who grows his beard and wants to take good care of it, then more than likely yes, this is really for real men.

The first thing we want to hone in on is the fact that The Real Man Company back their product with a 100% risk free, guarantee.  Therefore, if you aren’t happy with the conditioner, you can send it back because they won’t be happy with it too.

Much like most modern conditioners, it is has been made with the health of your beard firmly in mind and includes non-greasy, completely fragrance free and natural ingredients including coconut oil, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, beeswax, Shea butter and jojoba oil.

All of these ingredients work together to deeply condition your beard in order to keep free from knots, soft and very healthy looking.  As well as looking after your beard though, it has also been formulated to take care of the skin beneath by moisturising it and providing protection against unpleasant itchiness and irritation caused by beard growing back.

As well as moisturising your skin and conditioning your beard however, The Real Man Company Beard Balm and Leave in Conditioner does something extra.  As it is a balm and not an oil, it holds your beard firmly and enables you to style it more precisely and once you have styled it, you can rest assured that your beard will remain in that shape for the rest of the day.

Customers Opinion

Such a bold and confident product is not worth anything without good comments made by customers who have actually used it and The Real Many Company Beard Balm and Leave In Conditioner is no different.  When looking at the reviews on Amazon regarding this product though, one thing stands out – it it is very popular!  Just over 70 reviews in total have been submitted and an incredible, 60 of those scored it the maximum 5 out of 5 stars, giving it an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Customers love the fact that aside from smelling slightly of beeswax (this doesn’t last) it has no fragrance at all.  They also were happy that unlike some other conditioners on the market, it does not leave your beard feeling very oily and gives it a nice and natural matte finish.  Aside from the ease of use and the scent-free nature of this conditioner, one of the other main things customers especially liked was the fact that it offers some hold on your beard and enables you to style it more precisely using the balm.

The very few customers that were very critical of the product had issues with the texture and how hard they felt it was to work into a nice lather.  As ever, it is as well to look at all reviews over all to get the most accurate picture and a greater number of people were happy with it than weren’t happy.

In summary, if you already wear a cologne you want to smell of and want a beard conditioner that you can use without it effecting that scent, you should give consideration to The Real Man Company Beard Balm and Leave In Conditioner.  Not only does it help you maintain your beard in great condition, it also provides a little hold to enable you to present and style your beard the way you want.

Best Beard Balm – High Quality Leave-In Beard Conditioner

balmy beard balm

The next product we are going to look at is the Best Beard Balm and Beard Softener, which is a another product that has been designed to not only look after and encourage your beard to grow out nicely but also provides it with some hold enabling you to shape and style it better.

The ingredients, much like other conditioners on this page, are all organic and natural butters and oils, free from unnecessary chemicals.  Even with a conditioner full of many ingredients that do not produce a particularly masculine scent, it is safe to say that thanks to the citrus finish, you will not be left questioning your manliness.

As you’d expect of a modern and health conscious beard conditioner, this balm will look after your beard and the skin beneath it and it is really very easy to use too.

Customers Opinions

What have customers said about this product?  Well, even with only 90 reviews, the general consensus seems to be very positive.  Most commented on the scent and texture being perfect for their beard and skin and even though it feels way too firm it softens up easily in your hand.

There has also been many comments made about how instantaneous the results are when using this balm.

Although for the most part, the comments left by customers echo the same thoughts and feelings about this product, there were 7 reviews that were deemed critical by Amazon.  Though these reviewers suggested it was a hard product to use or did not fit the description or do what they thought it would, such a small number suggests that this could easily have been just personal taste over the actual product being bad.

This is another great product to use on your beard to help it stay in good condition for the maximum amount of time possible.  The fact that so many reviewers have given it 5 out of 5 and the extremely competitive price, means that you have to give it some serious consideration at the very least.

Thunder Dragon Beard Wash

thunder dragon

Your beard not only looks good but serves as a great protective barrier against the elements and whatever comes your way.  This is why finding a good beard wash and conditioner is something you really need to do if you insist on growing a beard.  Thunder Dragon Beard Wash could be just the thing you are looking for – look at the bottle, that alone demands your attention!

As you’d hope, Thunder Dragon will leave your beard and your skin feeling fully hydrated, conditioned and above all else – clean.  If your significant other has been complaining about the wiriness or roughness of your beard, then this product may be the best thing you can buy to turn things around and get them onside and realising that a beard is a good thing to have and it can feel nice and soft.

Unlike other products that form a foamy lather full of nasty chemicals, this beard wash is made from kind and natural ingredients and is better for your skin and beard.

As is standard nowadays, not only do Thunder Dragon promise that it is 99% organic, they also promise 100% money back if it is not all it’s cracked up to be and you have a less than glorious experience using it.

Customers Opinions

While it is fair to say that there has only been 39 reviews submitted on Amazon regarding this product, it is also fair to point out that of those 39 reviews, 29 gave it the full 5 star rating.  The only negative comments that have been said about this product on any of the less than glowing reviews is that it may be a little expensive, compared to others.  This is countered by many customers who would buy the product again as it works fast and effectively.

As always, it is going to be a matter of personal taste and preference when it comes to choosing products that are very similar, in terms of quality and what others thought of them.  This is why we prefer to not recommend one beard conditioner in particular, but to at least show you what is out there.

If you are willing to spend a little more for a great quality product that is also free from testing on animals and 100% organic and vegan-friendly, then Thunder Dragon’s beard wash may just be the right product for you and your beard.

Beardsley Ultra Conditioner For Beards – 237ml


If you are looking to give your facial hair a boost and care for it, you should consider Beardsley Ultra Conditioner For Beards.  As with any of the oils and balms listed on this page, this conditioner has been made with your facial hair in mind.  Instead of using the shower gel or normal hair shampoo or just water and soap that you have been using, you should switch to a product like this that has been developed with the sensitive and delicate skin of your face and your soft facial hair in mind.

This particular conditioner features a mixture of marigold flowers, golden seal and cherry fruit which all have toxic properties that will add to the look and feel of your beard, as well as cleaning it.    In addition to these properties, it is also kind and gentle on the skin beneath, so you can be sure it won’t cause irritation or unnecessary and unwanted itchiness.

Further to these great qualities, it is also rich in natural vitamins that help to aid tissue repair and stimulate cell growth and as it contains the aforementioned marigold extracts it could have astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.

Customer Opinions

Obviously, and similarly to the approach we have taken with all items on this page, it makes sense to look at what customers have had to say about their experiences using the Beardsley Ultra Conditioner for Beards.  This is another product where there have only been around 20 reviews left, but over all it has scored 4.4 out of 5 stars, which is still very respectable.

Most customers do indeed seem happy with the conditioner and have confirmed many of the claims the manufacturer makes about it – that it does make your beard feel softer and is kind on your skin.  The only main complaint some, and it is a relatively small number, customers have made is that they were not really sure if it was worth the price tag for the job it does.

As we have seen with all five reviews featured on this page, all of the products are good and all do  very similar jobs and when you combine those facts with the fact that most have scored reasonably well in terms of customer reviews and ratings, it really comes down to personal taste as to which is the best for you.