Wahl Chrome Pro Mains Hair Clipper Set & Instructional DVD 79524-800

wahl hair clippers


The Wahl Chrome Pro Mains Hair Clipper features the cutting edge Wahl Powerdrive system which provides you with around 35% more cutting power, which means you can cut through thick ahir easily and quickly.  There is an adjustable taper-style level which enables you to select different lengths to cut hair to without the hassle of having to change combs.  You can cut to lengths of 0.8 mm to 25 mm using the combs included.

The Chrome Pro Mains hair clipper has been designed with a very comfortable grip to make it easier on the muscles on your hand, especially when you are clipping someone’s hair that is particularly long.  It also has an incredibly quiet motor considering how powerful it is.

The blades are made from precision ground high-carbon steel, so you know they will stay sharp longer than other materials and will cut better, every time.  The Wahl Chrome Pro Mains hair clipper also comes with an instructional DVD with all the tips you need to start your own barbershop from the comfort of your own home.

BaByliss for Men 7447BU Pro Hair Cutting Kit

babyliss hair clippers


It could be that the Babyliss For Men pro hair cutting kit is all you really need to get that professional and stylish cut at home.  This clipper is mains operated and comes equipped with incredibly sharp stainless steel blades and exceptionally long mains cord of 2.5 m to give you a truly conveniant experience.  It comes with taper guides for both ears and a set of 10 comb guides, ranging from grades 1 to 10.  There is also an additional trimmer for sideburns and the neckline and it all fits inside a practical and very portable case.

Among the various other accessories included with the Babyliss for Men cutting kit is 2 sectioning clips that help you to keep hair you are not cutting out of the way so you can cut other sections of hair without obstructions, a barber’s comb to help you style the hair better and untangle it and oil and a cleaning brush to keep the clippers well maintained and clean.

Philips DIY Hair Clipper QC5570/13 with 180 Degree Rotation for Easy Reach

phillips hair clippers


Philips have always been known for designing and manufacturing state of the art and very functional electronic and electrical goods and over the years they have become one of the most important brands within the personal grooming market.  The Philips QC5570/13 is just another example of their expertise.  This clipper can be used both plugged in and unplugged from the mains and features a head that rotates through a full 180 degrees.  This means that you have more control over the angle of the clipper’s head than on many other models, thus enabling you to trim and clip at hair in the harder to access areas.

Directly below the head, you will find an integrated zoom wheel that you can use to select and lock in place the particular length you want to cut hair to.   There are 2 guide combs that give you the option to cut between 1 to 15 mm of hair.  There is even a special precision comb that is best use if you are looking to achieve a very short hairstyle.

As the clipper’s blades and combs are rounded at the edges, you are less likely to suffer from iritation or scratch yourself.  The blades themselves are stainless steel and actually sharpen themselves, meaning the Philips QC5570/13 will last longer than other models.  There is a soft touch rubber grip that will provide you with comfort using the clipper at all times and the tool is completely 100% washable making it very easy to keep clean and maintain.

Wahl 79305-2817 Grooming Gift Set Clipper, Trimmer and Ear Trimmer

wahl grooming set


The Wahl 79305-2817 is a very stylish clipper that features a fully adjustable clipper and a trimmer that is perfect for trimming and shaving various parts of the body, hairlines, beards and stubble; and there is also a brow, nose and ear trimmer too.  Everything stores away neatly and tidily in a very robust and practical carry case.

The clippers themselves are mains operated and the inclusion of the guide combs, ranging from grades 1 to 8, or 3 to 25 mm.  This gives you flexibility and versatility and enables you cut hair to the length you want.  For safety there are right and left ear taper guide combs and there is a taper lever which means you do not have to constantly switch and change the guide combs when wanting to cut to different lengths.

It comes with a head that has been designed to prevent pulling and nicks from occurring, to make the experience of clipping hair at home not only easier, but safer.

Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper

wahl super taper


The Wahl Super Taper hair clipper is marketed as being a necessity for all hairdressing salons and barbershops to have at their disposal.  It combines the power generated by its motor with the various attachments to help produce stunning and stylish results at a truly competitive price.

It comes with 4 different attachment combs giving a range of lengths from 0.8 mm to 2.5 mm and a flat top comb for styling and helping to get rid of tangles.  Also included with the clippers is oil and a cleaning brush to help you maintain it so it lasts a long time.  Although it will not achieve the same closeness as a traditional shave, it is best suited to people who want to avoid razor burns while shaving close to the skin.

Now It’s Up To You

After reading our guide to what you should know before you buy and our pick of the best hair clippers available at the moment, it is now over to you.  You need to decide which hair clippers are best for you.

You can save a lot of money if you become the part time barber/hairdresser for your family.  All you need is a high quality pair of hair clippers and you can start creating those professional trims and cuts from the comfort of your own home.  You will find, much like any other type of grooming tool, that hair clippers come in a variety of different styles, designs and are made by many different brands.  When looking at the choices available, it can be overwhelming which is why we have done some research on your behalf and looked into important things you need to know before you buy and a selection of what we feel are the best hair clippers available on the market at the moment.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy

What Accessories Do You Actually Really Need?

Obviously the size of the blades and comb guides are important as they will determine the length of hair you will be able to cut and how short you will be able to cut it.  As extra combs and blades can be purchased at a later date if you need them, it is wise to focus solely on buying the best pair of clippers you can with your available budget.  When you are looking at two very similar models, choose the one that has the length of combs you need and want.

Who Will Be Cutting Your Hair?

If you are buying hair clippers for someone else to cut your hair, most models are worth considering.  However, if you plan on cutting your own hair using clippers, it is best to opt for a pair that are lighter or have a swivelling head.

Will You Be Cutting Your Hair When It’s Wet Or Dry?

While some hair clippers are designed to cut both wet and dry hair, others are only designed to do one or the other.  If you are looking to use them occasionally to cut wet hair, but also dry hair, you are best opting for a wet/dry pair of hair clippers.

Will You Be Cutting Hair To Various Lengths?

You will find that most high quality hair clipper sets come with around 8 to 10 comb attachments and an adjustable blade.  Both the comb attachments and adjustable blade are what will enable you to cut hair to various lengths, meaning that you will be able to give yourself and others better and more stylish haircuts.