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Things to Consider When Buying a Beard Trimmer

Beards have remained popular and trendy now for the last couple of decades and that shows no signs of changing fast. If you are considering growing a beard or already have one that needs some attention, you will need a good and reliable tool to help you

How to Look Good with a Beard

Beards are in fashion right now. Look around you and there’ll be a variety of men wearing different styles of beard, so how do they get them looking so good? The thing is, to look good with a  beard is not something that stands alone. Your beard

Tips for Achieving Beard Perfection

Are you concerned that your beard is not looking quite as good as it could? There is more to growing and maintaining a beard than just avoiding shaving. In the following post, we want to help you out a little by sharing with you some tips that

Grooming Must’s for the Well-Polished Gent

Let’s get things straight from the start here: it’s not just the ladies that want to look and feel great! Us men like to look good, stay young, dress well and make a good impression too! The beauty industry is of course aimed very much at the

Different Beard Styles – The Trends for 2019

Beards are, for want of a better phrase, back in vogue, and in a big way. Look around you over the last couple of years and you will certainly have noticed the proliferation of facial hair – in many different styles – that was absent a few