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Achieving A Cool Goatee 2016

Once your beard has grown, men, you then have the choice of shaving it or keeping it.  The fun part is working out just how much you want to shave off.  Some people like to shave only to trim their full beard and make it look neater,

Cool And Bad-Ass Beard: Ragnar Lothbrok From Vikings

Since the year 2013, the History Channel’s historical drama Vikings, has brought the world of old-time Norway to life and the battling warriors who explored and conquered new worlds.  One of the biggest draws to the show, beyond the fairly accurate (supposedly) look at Norwegian life of

How To Grow A Full Beard And Maintain It

For a lot of people the very idea of growing a beard and then working to maintain it so it remains attractive, neat and hygienic can be off-putting.  However, for those of you who put in the effort you will be rewarded with a great, almost wild