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BabyLiss for Men Super Stubble

  The name of this BabyLiss beard trimmer makes it clear that it is a good choice for any guy who wants a light stubble on his face. However, it is also useful for a lot more than just that. As one of the most expensive types

Panasonic Blue Wet & Dry ER-GB40 Hair and Beard Trimmer

The classy looking Panasonic Blue was designed in Milan and has the sort of design that makes it look far better than a mere practical device for trimming your beard. The price tag for this model is in the middle ground where you expect a decent dose

Philips Style Xpert BT5260/33 Precision Beard Trimmer

q Among the big name manufacturers that have beard trimmer models, it is no surprise to find the world famous brand of Philips there. The Philips Style Xpert BT5260/33 falls into the mid-price range of trimming devices, making it a good choice for any man who wants