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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

It is definitely possible to have more energy throughout the day, or at least while you are awake, and it all comes down to quality sleep. Try these 5 ways to improve your quality of sleep and you’ll see a difference fairly quickly. Synchronize With Your Body

Best Beard Conditioners

Having a beard is a normal thing to do, but as well as actually having one, you need to proper look after it, to help your face look neat and good.  One of the most important things you should invest in when you are looking after and

Rotary Blade Versus Foil Blade Shavers

As the market for personal grooming tools and accessories has become awash with many different options and advertisements for these, it can be so overwhelming that we just end up closing our eyes and picking just anything.  If you have experience of that scenario, you know how

The Coolest Beard Trends Of 2016

It often follows that men who have cool hairstyles, also have cool beards.  The reasons beard opt to grow beard are numerous – for some it is to hide neck flab, comfort, the aesthetics of the beard itself or just because they don’t want to suffer razor

Shaving Other Parts Of Your Body

Whenever us men are discussing shaving with one another, we will never chat about the beard trimmer they used to shave their navel, armpits, back, chest or even their groin.  However, with beard trimmers becoming so popular these days, it’s time to face up to the naked