Cool And Bad-Ass Beard: Ragnar Lothbrok From Vikings

Since the year 2013, the History Channel’s historical drama Vikings, has brought the world of old-time Norway to life and the battling warriors who explored and conquered new worlds.  One of the biggest draws to the show, beyond the fairly accurate (supposedly) look at Norwegian life of old and the battles involving the brave men, is the main character Ragnar Lothbrok’s beard and hairstyle, as well as that of many of the other characters.

There is nothing else to say when you look at his beard and hair but that he looks like a total bad-ass.  Just how you probably envision ancient Vikings.  Can you actually imagine facing off to battle against your enemies from other parts of the world with a very clean and smooth looking chin and face?  Neither can we.  The beard were part of their intimidation games they played with their enemies, as well as providing real practical help against the bitter cold of those far north winter nights.

So not only is it a completely bad-ass beard, but it has an actual function too.

Although way back in the days of the Vikings of old, if you wanted to achieve the cool Lothbrok look, you’d just have to ensure all your food and ale that didn’t make it into your mouth landed in your beard, a rough wash in the morning then a bit of a comb before starting your day; it is a lot less unsanitary today.  There are maintenance products such as wax and oils you can use as well as shampoos and beard trimmers.

Obviously before you maintain and train your beard, you have to actually grow it.  Long beard have always been seen as a sign of power throughout history, from the ancient rulers and of the Vikings themselves (not just the TV representation)  Now, Ragnar has an impressively large beard, it’s long and it’s think.  That means it will take quite a while to grow it fully.  Be patient.

Although you might not have a village and  kingdom to protect, or enemy armies to defend against or conquer; you c an still do other things and just continue with life as you wait for your awesome beard to grow and take shape.

It’s worth noting that you may not be able to achieve the full size and greatness of Mr Lothbrok’s mighty beard.  Unfortunately, not everyone is destined to have the bushiest and longest beard.  It doesn’t mean you won’t have a kick ass beard though…it will just be kick ass in different ways and unique to you.

The most important piece of advice we could give to you at the start of the process.  If you want to look like Ragnar you need to adopt the Viking attitude of never giving up,  It is easy to give up, but then you wouldn’t have that bad-ass beard that you’ve wanted ever since you watched the first episode of the TV or any other Viking show you’ve loved in the past.