What are the most important features and factors to consider when purchasing beard trimmers? The following list of top features will help you decide what to look for in the next trimmer you choose.

The Cost

The ideal cost of the beard trimmer you purchase will obviously first and foremost depend a lot on the size of your budget.  There is a wide price range when it comes to these trimmers, and the kind of features offered with particular models are reflected in the price.  Many are primarily beard and moustache trimmers, while others have attachments for cutting your hair and trimming your ear and nose hair.  All of the beard trimmers reviewed and listed on this page and website are designed and made mainly as beard trimmers, so it is worth keeping that in mind when you are looking at the cost.

Corded Or Cordless?

Whether a beard trimmer is corded or cordless is an important factor to consider, depending on where and how you intend to use your trimmer.   If you only evee intend to use your trimmer in the house and/or have a shaving socket in your bathroom, then the fact that it is corded may not be too much of a disadvantage.

Whereas if you don’t have a shaving socket or you know that you will use your trimmer outside of the house, it would definitely be a better idea to pick a cordless model.  A number of trimmers even come with a pouch or docking station that allows you to keep everything safe. This also makes sure that any attachments and accessories are kept in the same place, in addition to keeping it on charge at all times.  It is sensible to make a list of requirements you have in this respect and then choose the trimmer that meets them.


All of the best beard trimmers available are the ones that are easy to keep clean and maintain.  After all, who wants a trimmer that is hard to maintain and because of this depreciates over time and snags or tugs on hairs when you use it?  That’s right, no-one does.  So the cleaning and maintenance features of beard trimmers should be looked at thoroughly.

Many trimmers are washable, which is great for clearing the hairs out of them easily.  Others come with special oil that needs to be applied to the head regularly, and some also come with blades that are self-sharpening.  Depending on how often you intend to use your trimmer and your needs for that trimmer, you will be able to find one that has maintenance and cleaning features to suit you.

Look at it this way; if you are only intending on keeping a beard and maintaining it occasionally, at irregular points throughout the course of a year, then the level of maintenance a particular model requires may not be a huge factor.  However, if you intend to use it every day then you should definitely be interested in whether a particular trimmer is easy or hard to maintain.

Features For Styling

If you want a fairly traditional looking beard, and are not looking to shave funky and unique patterns into it, you will be less concerned about whether or not a trimmer has attachments in different shapes and sizes.  However though, if you want to keep a particular type of beard such as a stubbly one or a goatee, you should be interested in whether or not a trimmer has the attachments or features to achieve and maintain this preferred style.

The type of trimmers you should be looking for in this instance are ones that have detachable heads or heads that are easily interchangeable to help you achieve your chosen look.

Comb Settings

The comb setting range of beard trimmers is an important feature because this is what will determine how long or short your beard will be.  If you want to achieve the stubble look, you need to ensure that the trimmer you purchase has length settings that are small enough to get that particular look.

On the opposite side of things, if you are planning on growing a long and thick beard, you will need to be certain that the trimmer you purchase will help you achieve this look.  Some trimmers feature detachable heads that are specifically designed to achieve the stubble look.