Grooming Must’s for the Well-Polished Gent

Let’s get things straight from the start here: it’s not just the ladies that want to look and feel great! Us men like to look good, stay young, dress well and make a good impression too! The beauty industry is of course aimed very much at the female population – they are the big spenders when it comes to beauty products and services – but more and more men are realising the benefits of a good grooming routine. It’s not just for looking good when out on the town either, as it pays to look your best when at work.

What does the well-polished gent indulge in these days? You’d be surprised, to begin with, how many men have taken to using moisturiser. After all, while the hormones that affect it may differ, men and women both have the same skin! Skin ages, it gets dry, it needs maintenance, and moisturising is one way of ensuring you keep your skin in the best possible condition. One other simple tip is to keep hydrated – drink plenty water on a regular basis – as this will help hydrate the skin, too.

More Male Grooming Ideas

Do you like to wear a beard, or are you someone who prefers a clean shaven feel and look? The nation is divided on this point, and that’s no bad thing. For the beard lovers among us, keeping that beard trimmed as you want it is something you likely do anyway, but why not try a different style? Beards are very much in at the moment, so you could check out some of the styles that are making waves in the fashion world.

For the shavers among us, there really is nothing like a proper, old-fashioned cut-throat shave. The feeling afterwards is one that you cannot replicate elsewhere, so find a traditional barber and treat yourself – once you do it, you’ll find it hard not to make it a regular thing!

Teeth also need attention, and sometimes a little more than your daily brushing routine. Check out at home teeth whitening kits and see how you can quickly and easily have your teeth looking as bright and beautiful as they could ever be – it’s worth it, and it’s not at all expensive.

Male Manicure? Why Not!

Men often work with their hands, and that’s where the skin is most affected. So, why shouldn’t a man have a manicure? There’s no reason at all, and many men are getting their callouses  treated and enjoying smooth skin on their hands on a regular basis. Then there’s the little things you do at home before you venture out for the day; what about the deodorant you use, and the scent you wear?

These details all add up in terms of what the well-groomed gent is up to these days, and if you’re not one of the many who already follow a male grooming routine, try it. You’ll find that it is true that if you look good, you also feel good!