How Does A Traditional Wet Shave Compare With An Electric Beard Trimmer?

For many people a traditional wet shave using a sharp manual razor cannot be compared to anything else.  In terms of the functionality, precision and finesse you get with a wet shave, there are many people who believe that you cannot achieve the same with a beard trimmer.  While that was definitely the case a couple of decades ago, the technology behind electric trimmers has evolved and improved over the last couple of decades.  This progression has meant that there are now reliable and powerful beard trimmers that take the effort and chore out of this important area of personal grooming.  So you have to wonder, is it really worth paying up to £40 for a wet shave from your local barber, no matter how good he is, if you can do it at home for less.

The point perhaps is that there is no way you can really compare them.  Yes, there are various advantages to going down the route of having a traditional wet shave.  This is especially true if you do it yourself.  Even though it can be tricky, it can also be very cost effective and a sharp single blade will always be more effective than a trimmer with a smallest setting that is only really good for maintaining a beard, rather than shaving as close to the skin as possible.  This is why if you are looking for a baby smooth finish you need to look at multiple-blade trimmers and round head shavers.

Looking at the cost of beard trimmers against traditional wet shaves at your local barbers, you could be spending as little as £15 and as much as £100 depending on your budget and the type you want; whereas for a professional shave it could cost you between £20 and £40.  Obviously, if you buy your own shaving kit, a wet shave will save you some money.  However, you really need to look beyond the money as a wet shave takes a lot of time, effort and practice to master.  You also need to have a really steady hand to ensure you avoid unnecessary and painful accidents.

Another advantage that comes from having a traditional wet shave is using a shaving brush.  This brush helps create a much finer lather of soap and helps protect your skin from becoming irritated by the multiple times you pass the razor over it.  The funny thing is that people who are not looking for a smoother than smooth finish and use beard trimmers to neaten up their beards avoid the risk of cutting themselves.  As they don’t have to apply foam or cream, their grooming routine takes a lot less time and energy.  So really when you look at the above, the very interesting advantages and disadvantages of both, it really comes down to what you prefer and the amount of work you want to be involved with on a regular basis.