How To Grow A Full Beard And Maintain It

For a lot of people the very idea of growing a beard and then working to maintain it so it remains attractive, neat and hygienic can be off-putting.  However, for those of you who put in the effort you will be rewarded with a great, almost wild but under control look that lots of men and women look for in a man.  It is worth remembering that although men tend to grow beards for lots of different reasons, it is predominantly to enhance their looks.

While there are many different styles you can opt for if you are going to grow a beard, one of the most traditional chin hair looks is the classic full beard.

How then do you grow a beard and maintain it successfully?

Growing A Full Beard

Before you start, it is important you realise that the type of beard you are able to grow may actually come down to your genetic make-up.  The amount of hair and time it takes to grow that hair is determined by your genes.  That being said, there are 2 very effective steps you can put into practice to help you grow a full beard.

Look After Your Face

If you are interested in having an attractive and appealing beard then this was always going to be the first step.  You should consider pampering and really treating your face especially well by following the face care routine that follows:

  • Exfoliate your face – You can exfoliate your skin either using an exfoliating agent or scrub such as an enzyme peel etc. or something similar.  The word exfoliating just means removing dead skin cells, which can then trigger new hair growth.
  • Wash your face with warm water twice a day.  Keeping your skin clean also encourages hair growth
  • Use creams that feature eucalyptus – this will help the hair grow quicker.
  • Get enough sleep – This will help damaged cells to heal quicker.
  • Handle and cope with stress in healthier ways – Hair growth has been found to be quicker in people who are generally more relaxed.

Eat a Balanced And Nutritious Diet

Regardless of whether you were growing a beard or not, you should make sure your diet is balanced and nutrient packed.  From a beard growing point of view though, you need to pay close attention to the supplements and vitamins you take.  If you are serious about growing a beard, consider taking Biotin every day as this has been known to increase nail and hair growth.  Fruit and vegetables should also feature prominently in your diet as well as the vitamins B1, B6 and B12.  Also, keep in mind what you may remember from school – that proteins are the building blocks of your body and therefore you should include healthy protein sources such as eggs, lean meat, fish and nuts.

Let Your Beard Grow And Be

The next and most important step to successfully growing a full beard is simple growing it and allowing it to be.  Just, leave it alone.  Avoid trimming or shaving it, once it has started to come through.  As you allow it the chance to just grow through, you can better work out where all your hairs are growing and in which direction they are growing.

How long it takes for your beard to fully grow, as touched upon in the opening paragraphs, depends on your genetics.  A same estimation is between 4 to 6 weeks though.  It may be that you have heard the belief that in order to enhance and encourage your hair growth, you need to shave.  There has been no scientific evidence to support this.  So, if you want to grow a full beard, let it grow until it has reached a length you are happy with.

As your beard continues to grow and flourish, you should expect and prepare for irritation and itchiness.  This happens mainly because your face was getting used to being shaved regularly and as shaving helps exfoliate your skin, it prevented itchiness.  You can solve the problem of itchiness and irritation with proper beard hygienic practices, such as using a beard shampoo and conditioner.

Maintaining Your Full Beard

Once you have a full beard that you are proud of you, you need to treat it accordingly.  Without proper beard maintenance you may be considered as that dirty beard guy and not the handsome and smart fellow you want to be known as.  Before you do any trimming or shaving yourself, you should make sure your very first trim is performed by a reputable barber.  That way you will avoid making mistakes and potentially undoing all the hard and patient work you have put in to get your heard to the stage it is right now.  They will also be able to advise you on the different types of beard there are and may point you in the direction of the styles that are best for your face, as well as tips for which tools to use when you trim it yourself and how to deal with common problems when they arise.  Invest in a decent beard shampoo, some beard oil or wax and good shaving cream for when you want to shave and trim it, or invest in an electric beard trimmer if you are not so keen on wet shaving.

There you have it, some of the keys to growing and maintaining a full beard.