Innovative Extreme Base Apparel for Law Enforcement and More

One of the problems for people who lead an active working life, and those who are active in their leisure activities, is that of sweat. This is a natural reaction from the body and one that we cannot do anything to stop. Sweat is prevalent in the armpits, but is also present in all of the upper body, and can be uncomfortable when you have no time to stop and change close. That’s why DragynSkyn is a product you need to look at if you are in need of clothing that can help.

Designed initially to be worn under body armour, and for use by law enforcement personnel and emergency services, DragynSkyn is a cleverly designed garment in the base apparel genre, and is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign. This is a product that will find many users, and one that promises to be a great success. It’s also one that may interest you, so let’s tell you a little more about how it works, and what it does.

What Is DragynSkyn?

Put simply, DragynSkyn is a intended to be worn under other clothing – or as we have mentioned the likes of body armour – as a compression shirt, and will protect the clothing worn over the top from the effects of sweat. The fabric used will stretch as normal fabric does, yet will allow only water vapour through, so sweat is kept contained within.

The purpose of DragynSkyn is to operate as an Extreme Base Apparel – perfect for law enforcement officers who will be more than aware of the problems associated with sweat when on duty – and for anyone who wants to protect against sweat when running or cycling, for example – and it does so via a clever mix of fabrics and careful design that has successfully attended to a problem that has been known for a long time.

3 Layer Fabric

The DragynSkyn garment consists of three layers of fabric, this being the design factor that allows only the water vapour through, and is comfortable to wear. It is a perfect choice also for military personnel, any other forms of high intensity work and more. The make up is a spandex and polyester mix that is proven to do the job it is designed for, and DragynSkyn is making a lot of waves in the market right now.

Whether interested as an investor or you think you would benefit from wearing the base apparel, there is no doubt that DragynSkyn is a ground-breaking design in terms of sweat protection garments, and the range of markets it appeals to means this is certain to be a product that gets a lot of attention and subsequent sales.

Available in a variety of sizes, if you invest now you get a bonus shirt or more depending on the amount, so this could well be one to get in on at the ground floor. Check out the DragynSkyn website now for more information on this innovative and promising product.