Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews – Our Pick Of The Best Available

In order to help your search for the best nose hair trimmers available even easier, we have gathered together 5 of our favourite models that are available and you can read reviews of these below.

Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose, Ear and Facial Hair Trimmer (Wet/Dry with Vortex Cleaning System)

Undoubtedly one of the best on the market right now and worth the investment, given it has such a modest price tag, the Panasonic ER-GN30 nose, ear and facial hair trimmer provides a safe and quick way to get rid of unwanted hair.  There is no need for small scissors or any extra tool when you have this trimmer at your disposal.

As well as enabling you to cut both we and dry hair from your nose and ears as you’d expect, it also can be used to cut any stray hairs you may have growing out around your eyebrow area.  You can also use it as a detailing tool if you want to add detail and shaping to your beard and moustache.

It relies on a powerful and sharp rotary cutting method with 2 edged blades, that are hypo-allergenic to prevent you from suffering from any nasty allergic reactions.  It really is so simple to take out of the box and start using and never feels too heavy, thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

The compact nature of its design also enables it to be easily stored away out of sight when not in use or packed into a suitcase or even a small bag whenever you take a holiday or short trip.    As it is 100% waterproof, it is 100% washable.

  • Angled trimmer featuring hypo-allergenic, stainless steel, dual blades
  • Compact and lightweight design, making it easy to use, easy to store away and easy to pack for travelling
  • Very easy to clean

Customer Opinion

A larger percentage of customers enjoy the superior hair trimming functionality they got from the Panasonic ER-GN30 and the fact that it simply does what it says on the tin, easily and effectively.  As it works silently and quickly, users also appreciated this and that it is very easy to clean.

Not all the comments were completely positive, as some customers pointed out that it had a rather, short shelf life.  Some even saying that it stops working only after a few months use.  However, it is worth remembering that proper maintenance is required to make products last as long as they can.

Overall, this particular nose hair trimmer from Panasonic is a very practical purchase and a great investment for anyone looking for a more pleasant and efficient way to remove unwanted nose hair, ear hair, stray eyebrow hairs and as an additional tool for grooming their beard and moustache.

Philips NT3160/10 Nose Hair, Ear Hair and Eyebrow Trimmer Series 3000

Philips are a well known brand that are famous for making some very cutting edge, reliable and long lasting electrical and electronic goods.  They have always been at the forefront of the grooming industry and the Philips NT3160/10 is another fine addition to their family of products.

Philips, with the NT3160/10 have crafted a trimmer that will enable you to safely, easily and very quickly remove all unwanted hair from your nose, ear and eyebrows.  It has an angled design to help make it as easy as possible to groom those hard to reach places.  Safety is something Philips takes very seriously and the soft grip coupled with the ProtecTube technology, which means that the cutter is protected by a guard of ultra-thin foil, helping to prevent irritation.

As the trimmer, and the combs that accompany it are all 100$ waterproof, it is very easy to clean, by simply holding it under the tap, and can be used while taking a shower.  The aforementioned combs are included as a practical extra, enabling you to trim your eyebrows to the desired length that is best for you.

  • Completely portable as its battery operated
  • Strong and sharp blades with foil protection
  • 2 comb attachments to help get your eyebrows to the length you prefer

Customer Opinion

With a high number of customers giving the Philips NT3160/10 the full 5 out of 5 stars, it is easy to see looking at the statistics that they were pleased with their experiences of using this nose hair trimmer.  Most customers praised it’s sensitivity and lack of pulling on skin and hair, how lightweight it really is and how the soft grip and angled design make it very comfortable to use.

Customers also appreciated the fact that it features very quiet motors; something that is important if you intend to use this trimmer on your ear hair.  Some customers however commented that the product stopped working after a relatively short time, but it could be that they were unfortunate or did not look after it properly because a quick scan reveals that these customers were more of a minority.

When you look at the product, the accessories that come with it and the customer reviews that have been submitted online regarding it, it is hard to fault the Philips NT3160/10 as an exceptional nose hair trimmer.

Panasonic Vacuum Wet/Dry Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer/Groomer ER430K (er 430 k)

Another of our picks comes from the electrical geniuses at Panasonic.  This particular grooming tool from Panasonic tackles the issue of  what happens to the hairs once you have trimmed them.

With the average, standard nose hair trimmer, the hairs either end up trapped in the actual groomer, but often the hairs remain where they were cut.  Cut hairs that remain in your nose after being trimmed off or in your eyebrows or ears can not only be very uncomfortable and irritating, but as they could fall out at inopportune times or be inhaled, they can cause even more problems.

Enter the Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Ear/Nose Trimmer.  This has a cutting edge vacuum system built into it so that once the hairs are trimmed, they are sucked out.  This is ideal and makes for an even smoother and more efficient job when you are grooming those hard to reach areas of the head and face,

It is not just the inclusion of the vacuum that makes this trimmer a great investment, as it has been designed ergonomically angled so that holding it is comfortable even when you are working on the most fiddly and hard to reach spots.

The hypo-allergenic blades are set at a 60 degree angle so that they can precisely and very cleanly cut unwanted hair without the tugging and pulling that often happens with a duller, straighter blade.

As it is battery operated, it is fully portable and can be taken anywhere and when it is time to clean the head, you just need to hold it under running water to rinse out any trapped hairs.

  • 60 degree angled hypo-allergenic blades make trimming without tugging and pulling easier
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum control and comfort
  • Powerful and ingenious vacuum to collect all cut and trimmed hairs

Customer Opinion

When you look at the customer reviews submitted regarding this particular trimmer on Amazon, it is clear to see that people who have bought and used it have been very happy.  From the 200 reviews posted online, around 196 of those scored it the highest star rating.  Most customers were extremely happy with how efficiently and quickly it removed unwanted hair and just how well the vacuum feature operated.

There were only a few very negative reviews and many of those either commented on how long the appliance lasted, with some commenting that it only lasted mere months.  Others claimed it was too noisy.  It is always worth comparing and contrasting the negative reviews with the positive ones, as it seems many of the things the negative reviews say could have just been unfortunate because of a bad batch, rather than the actual product itself being bad.

The Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Ear/Nose Trimmer overall is a very efficient and well designed grooming tool and shows great attention from the company with regards to the comfort and convenience its customers want.  The vacuum is by far the stand out feature, making it even quicker and less messy to trim those unwanted hairs.

Remington NE3450 Nose and Ear Trimmer

Remington have for a long time been considered to be one of the biggest names in home grooming equipment and have continued to develop and evolve their products to include updated technology and designs.

The Remington NE34450 Nose and Ear Trimmer is a great example of this evolution.  What can we say first about this trimmer?  Well starting from the head, it has a very ingenious head that can be completed washout after each use to ensure it is always kept as hygienically sound as possible.

Hygiene is something that Remington have put a lot of effort into with this trimmer.  Even on a structural design level, as the housing is made with nano-silver anti-microbial material that can repel bacteria and thus reduce the chance of irritation to the skin after use.

As a wet or dry trimmer, the Nano Nose and Ear Trimmer has more to offer than just its hygienic elements.  It comes with a number of different attachments, that all give a slightly different more precise trimming experience so that it can meet all of your hair removal needs.  There is the rotary head attachment for ear and nose hair, the 2 vertical combs that help you trim more delicate areas like your eyebrows, easily and efficiently.

As it is 100% waterproof it can be used both in and out of the shower and is also, as a result, very easy to clean and maintain.  It comes with a Hang Loop at the bottom of the trimmer to give even more versatility when it comes to storing it away when you are finished with it.

  • Nano-Silver Anti-microbial Housing
  • Various practical and efficient attachments to help with all your trimming needs
  • 100% waterproof

Customer Opinion

Although there have been significantly less reviews submitted for this trimmer compared to others, the view of the consumers who have written reviews is as you would expect from a high quality product from a company like Remington who have 75 years of experience.  For the most part people are happy with the changeable heads, the soft and comfortable grip and even the vertical design of the trimmer.  The people who loved this product, really did seem to love it.

There has been noted in some of the less than positive reviews about the reliability of the product and how it works well some days and doesn’t other days.  It is hard to judge whether they just got a bad batch, are not looking after it properly or perhaps got a bad item.  However, when you compare the positive reviews to the negatives, there are definitely more in favour of the product than against it.

If you are looking for a very good quality, hygienically sound nose and ear hair trimmer from a company people the world over trust and repeatedly purchase products bearing their name; the Remington Nano Ear and Nose Trimmer might be what you are looking for.

Paul Anthony Nose Clipper and Trimmer H5130BK

By far one of the cheapest models on our page, the Paul Anthony Nose Clipper and Trimmer is a great and affordable product to help you get rid of all those unwanted hairs in unwanted places.  Although you may not be as familiar with this brand as others, it comes with interchangeable nasal trimmer and clipper heads to help give you versatility when trying to get rid of all those pesky hairs in hard to reach places.

The blades are made from very good quality high carbon steel, to help ensure they stay sharp and last for a long time.  There is a handy LED light indicator that lets you know it is on.

With this particular trimmer, what you see is what you get and you get exactly what you pay for.  It is a budget item for a reason, but this should not necessarily put you off investing in it.

  • High carbon steel blades
  • LED on/off indicator
  • Portable

Customer Opinion

Despite being such a cheap item, the Paul Anthony Nose Clipper and Trimmer scored well in the ratings department on Amazon.  Customers were overall very happy with the cheap and cheerful design and functionality of the trimmer.  Most reviewers were impressed with how well it actually did the job it is designed to do – especially compared to the pricier models for sale from better known brands.

While not all the reviews were completely positive and some complained about the cheapness of its design, build and functionality; it is hard to argue with over 100, 5 star reviews compared to the small handful of reviews that scored it anything lower.

If you are not looking to spend very much money on a tool to remove those embarrassing hairs and just want something that does a good job without relying on bells and whistles, the Paul Anthony Nose Clipper and Trimmer may be the grooming tool you are looking for.


If you have problems with troublesome nose hairs or want to step up your grooming to a whole new level, you will find the following page all about nose hair trimmers very interesting.  As we all have differing personal tastes and preferences it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes the perfect nose hair trimmer.  With this in mind we have tried to take as detailed a look at nose trimmers as possible, with some reviews of some of the best nose trimmers available at the moment – so you have a resource you can look at with all the information gathered in one very practical place.

You could liken a good nose hair trimmer to a good friend as it can help you remove those unsightly hairs that cause irritation or feelings of self consciousness that others have spotted and are looking at them.  Obviously, most of cannot help the fact that we grow hairs from places we would rather not and all we can do to combat them is maintain and keep them under control as best we can.

This is why personal grooming is so important, as owning a variety of gadgets and accessories can help make it a little easier and more convenient to stay on top of our appearance.  Along with good hair clippers, electric or manual shavers and a sharp pair of small scissors; it can be a good investment to own a good quality nose hair trimmer.

The problem with this is that when you look at the range of grooming products available at the moment, it can be very overwhelming and intimidating.  With so many different models and types, it can be a mountainous job just sifting through to find a short-list of products you are interested in.  In order to help you make sense of it though, this is why we have this guide to nose hair trimmers,  We will look at some of the functions and features you can expect to find on some trimmers out there, which will help you whittle down the choices to the one you really want that meets your personal requirements.  First we will discuss an important aspect of nose trimming that may be preventing you purchasing a trimmer for those irritating hairs.

Does Nose Trimming Using A Trimmer Hurt?

The best answer we can give to this question is that it actually depends on the trimmer’s quality.  While the vast majority out there will not tear and pull it hairs and hurt you, there are some that can give a little bite when you use them.

This is why it is often worth paying out a bit more money to make sure you get a reasonably good quality trimmer that won’t hurt you while using it.

What Should You Look For When Choosing The Best Nose Hair Trimmer For You?

As mentioned further up the page, there is a wide variety of nose trimmers available right now and this can make it hard to choose the right one.  In order to help a little we will look at some of the things you should consider when buying a nose hair trimmer.

Built In LED Lights

One of the main features you should be looking for when browsing nose hair trimmers is built-in LED lights.  Many trimmers now features these lights which can obviously help you to see what you are trimming much better.

Type Of Trimmer

Another aspect of nose trimmers that you need to take into consideration is the type.  While there are some, more traditional models that require you to turn a handle to rotate the blades, most feature oscillating blades that are powered from batteries.  Others still rotate only when you squeeze the handles.  So your own personal preference comes into the decision, but battery operated models are obviously more convenient and easier to use.


Even though you may not have thought that such a thing as a vacuum would be built into a nose hair trimmer, it can be a useful accessory to have as they help to suck up the hairs as you remove them.

The Blades

You also need to give consideration to the material of the blades, as most trimmers have blades from either titanium, platinum and stainless steel.  Whereas stainless steel will always be a reliable material, titanium blades are the most resistant against water and rust, but platinum blades will stay sharpest for the longest period of time.


Obviously when you are removing hairs from sensitive parts of your body and face, safety is paramount.  When choosing nose hair trimmers, it is recommended that you look for models that make use of blade protectors.  Trimmers with these protectors prevent the sharp blades directly coming into contact with the very sensitive nasal membranes, which can help prevent unnecessary cuts.

Style And Design

Last and by no means least, you should also think carefully about the kind of style and design you want when looking at nose hair trimmers.  Some are very vertical and straight, whereas others are angled to give you better reach and control.

Nose Trimmers Vs Scissors

You may wonder how nose trimmers compare to the more traditional tool for removing nose hair – scissors.  Nose hair trimmers are designed exactly for the job at hand and are as such, very easy to use.  Their design lends itself to the shape of your nostrils and you can use them to push right up to remove all of the pesky hairs without causing damage to the most sensitive parts of your nose.

Scissors on the other hand, although a good tool for personal grooming, are not the most suitable for removing nose hairs.  As well as having a more difficult design and shape to slot in a remove hairs with, they are also significantly more dangerous than modern nose hair trimmers and you are more likely to accidentally cut yourself using them.

Therefore, to safety and easily remove those annoying hairs from your nose, we would firmly recommend you use a nose hair trimmer rather than relying on scissors.