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Philips have always garnered respect from industry insiders and customers alike, for their innovative products that not only give customers what they want, but in truly ingenious ways.  They have, as you may not be surprised, been leaders in the grooming accessories industry for many decades.  The AquaTouch S5420/06 is the latest in a long line of wet and dry shavers from the company and fits well in with their family of shavers and trimmers.

A More Flexible Shave Than Ever Before

Thanks to not only 3, but 5 flexible heads, with 5 independent movements ensure that the shaver stays in as close contact as possible with your skin for a quick and efficient shaving experience, even when working along the jaw and neck line.  The Multi-Precision blade system also raises and cuts hairs and even the stubble, meaning that you are able to remove more hair in fewer strokes; making the process faster and reducing the chances of skin rashes and irritation.

Fully Wet And Dry Shaving

Further to the flexibility offered by the shaving head system, Philips have sought to make this particular product even more flexible by ensuring that you can use it for dry or wet shaves.  Unlike many products that claim to have waterproofing when they don’t, Philip’s own AquaTouch seal has been used in the design and manufacturing of this product to ensure that if you want a nice and refreshing wet shave or just want a quick, dry shave, you can have both with equally great results.

Cordless Shaving Of Up To 45 Minutes

Although you may see it as a downside, the fact that this is a cordless only product should not put you off considering it as your next grooming purchase.  For just one hours worth of charging, you will have 45 minutes or more running time.  45 minutes works out at about 15 shaves.  So for every 1 hour period of charging you get a total of 15 shaves.  It doesn’t sound so bad, when you look at it that way, does it?

Customer Reviews

It is always advisable, even when a product is manufactured by a highly respected brand, as this shaver is by Philips, to look to the web and online customer reviews that have been submitted regarding it.  Over half, around 400 of the 800 plus reviews awarded it a full 5 stars.  As well as just taking the word of the reviewers who had a positive experience with a product, it is also good to read through the less than perfect reviews, to get a fuller picture.   

For the most part, customers were happy with this item and the people who were really happy said it offered an efficient and fast shave for a very reasonable price.  If you are looking for something a bit better than the average shaver and have a larger budget to play around with, this Philips shaver could be just what you need.