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BaByliss For Men 7890U i-stubble Trimmer


Although this is another BaByliss For Men trimmer featured on this site, it is worthy of inclusion for a number of reasons.  BaByliss For Men have made a name for themselves making intuitive and well thought out designs of male grooming products and the 789OU i-Stubble is yet another great addition to their trimmer family.  Although not the cheapest trimmer on the market, the clever design and functionality of this model more than makes up the £40+ price tag.

It features, amongst many other things, advanced blade technology which has electro-chemically sharpened blades for improved durability and sharpness.  This means, according to BaByliss For Men, that you are less likely to nick your skin or cut yourself when using this trimmer.  There is also a motorised length control system which has ultra-precise adjustments that range from 0.4 mm all the way through to 5.0 mm for superior accuracy.

However, as I’ve already mentioned on other reviews featured on this site, when you are purchasing things online and can’t see them in person, it is always a good idea to browse through the customer reviews.  Looking at the reviews for the BaByliss For Men i-Stubble on Amazon, you can see that there are over 500 in total, with a majority of around 270+ customers giving it the full 5 star rating.  This suggests at least based on those numbers that this is not a trimmer that you can pass up on easily without investigating.

Naturally Follows Facial Contours

Customers were generally very pleased with the comb/blade arrangement on this trimmer and found it for the most part easy and very comfortable to use, as well as being very easy to clean.  They especially liked the fact that it seems to naturally follow the contours of their faces, meaning that it doesn’t damage the skin and gives a close shave/trim.

There was also great comments with regards to the fact that this trimmer charges very quickly. When compared to previous models of this BaByliss For Men line a single charge lasts much longer.

One gripe that some customers had however, was the fact that the 789OU i-Stubble is not waterproof, and therefore cannot be used in the shower.  However many admitted that this was only a small issue and didn’t affect the fact that they would definitely recommend it to other people.

Although it can be used for a variety of different trims, it appears to work best for creating that perfect stubble look.  Only a small number of customers, who generally left less than favourable reviews, said it was not suitable for using as a stubble trimmer. Most reviewers are happy with the results they had using this i-Stubble for this purpose.