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BabyLiss for Men Super Stubble



The name of this BabyLiss beard trimmer makes it clear that it is a good choice for any guy who wants a light stubble on his face. However, it is also useful for a lot more than just that.

As one of the most expensive types of beard trimmer we have looked at here you will be expecting a top performance from this model, and you are unlikely to be disappointed. It is a well built model that gives a good trimming performance and a lot of flexibility.

The length control lets you choose from a light 0.4mm stubbled look, while the motorised control and memory function allow you to go for a longer beard if you prefer. In total there are 24 length settings that give you a high degree of control over your look. This means that, despite the name, the Super Stubble trimmer also works well on longer beard as well.

A Solid Battery Performance

In terms of power, the lithium-ion battery gives you a solid performance even when the charge level isn´t very high. A useful feature is the LED screen that shows you both the current cutting length and the amount of charge time left in the battery. In addition, the rapid charging system gives you a full hour of use after 90 minutes of charging time. A useful option is the quick 5 minute charge for a single stubble shave. It also comes with a neat charging stand that has little suction feet to make it easier to stand up.

Of course, the people who can best tell us about the advantages and disadvantages of any product are those who have bought it and have been using it for a long time. That is why it is so useful to be able to check out the Amazon reviews for any beard trimmer you are considering buying.

With the BabyLiss Super Stubble trimmer there are a total of 91 customer reviews, with a respectable 59 of them being of the 5 star variety. Among the most common praise for the model is that fact that it is easy to use, effective and has a good battery life.

Not everyone is always happy with the same trimmer, though. Among the negative comments on internet reviews we find that the fact that it can be difficult to get an even finish with it. Overall, the positive comments far outweigh the negative ones and some of the trimmer´s fans have even tried to counter some of the negative comments from other customers.

If you are looking to pay a little more for a better quality of beard trimmer then this is a good choice. It does a great job on short stubble but also works effectively on longer beards too. It is a good all around trimmer that should give you a number of years of use with few problems if any.