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Panasonic have a great reputation in all sections of the electrical goods industry, but have always been known as a reliable brand when it comes to home grooming products for both men and women.  The ER-GB40 Wet/Dry hair and beard trimmer with 19 adjustable settings by the company is no different and may be a good fit for your circumstances if you are looking for a versatile shaver, but have a very tight budget.

The blades on the Panasonic ER-GB40 are set at 45 degrees and are made from high grade stainless steel so you get a clean cut each and every time you use this shaver.  There is also a very easy to use dial that allows you to adjust the comb up and down and change the length of the cuts you make, to help improve your styling.  The 19 settings start as small as 1 mm and increase all the way up to 10 mm.

Deigned For Versatile Use In Both wet And Dry Conditions

Whether you have a preference of wet shaves or dry shaves or are not even sure what your preference is, you can do both with the ER-GB40.  The housing for this shaver is completely water resistant, so even if you wish to use it under the shower or in the bath, you can without being concerned about damaging it.  As it works as both a corded and cordless trimmer, you will always have a solution to those days when you are running late and may have to shave on the go.  From a 15 hour charge, it provides a cordless runtime of around 50 minutes.

Designed With Quick, Simple And Very Hygienic Maintenance In Mind

We all have busy lives nowadays and Panasonic are aware of this fact.  They know that the average guy doesn’t have time to stand faffing around cleaning their shaver and has designed the ER-GB40 wet/dry hair and beard trimmer to be as quick and simple to maintain and keep clean, with the added bonus of being extremely hygienic too.  The shaver features a very practical and convenient cleaning hole that enables water to flow easily through the head to remove any foam or hair that may be stuck in the blades.

Masculine But Ergonomic Design For Comfortable And Easy Use

Although it is very obviously designed with men in mind, the Panasonic ER-GB40 has also been built to ergonomically sit in your hand so that even when used for prolonged periods of time, it does not cause unnecessary fatigue or pain.

Customer Opinions

We always recommend, and you will notice that we say it a lot on our reviews, that you should never just rely on what the manufacturer has to say about a product.  Especially if it’s a grooming product and one you can get a chance to see in the flesh.  That is why we will always advise you to take a look at the customer reviews, like those submitted to Amazon UK.  Looking at the reviews it is clear to see that this is indeed a product that appears to live up to the hype.

A lot of customers admitted to feeling sceptical, but were very pleased with the results they had from using it.

With all of the above taken into consideration, there is clear reasons why you should think seriously about investing in the Panasonic-ER-GB40 we/dry hair and beard shaver.  Particularly if you are on a tight budget.