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Philips is one of the leading brands in the grooming industry and is known for devising and manufacturing products that offer competitively priced and ingenious electric shavers and trimmers that make the daily chore of keeping facial hair under control, an easy one.

The Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Moustache trimmer pro is a nice addition to a family of great products and although it is a lot pricier than some of the models we have featured, it is worth every penny as you will see.

Superior Trimming Experience With Incredible Versatility

With the Norelco trimmer provides all the power and versatility you need from a shaver.  It features 18 lockable lengths to achieve the beard style and look you desire, with the size ranging starting from the smallest setting at 1 mm to the highest at 18 mm.  If you are looking for a precise and exact stubble, there is also the stubble comb which has been designed specifically to make it easy for you to achieve the stubble look you want.

Mess-Free, Maintenance-Free

As with many modern trimmers and shavers, the Norelco QT4070 comes with self-sharpening blades.  This is great as you probably do not have much time to spend sharpening and lubricating trimmer blades after and before every use.  There is also a smart vacuum system on-board that collects up the hairs as they are cut, meaning there is less mess to clear up.

Ready To Use Anywhere With Optimal Power

This particular trimmer has been designed to be as precise and functional when connect to the mains supply via the corded plug or when used wireless.  It is powered by powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and will provide at least 50 minutes of cordless power after just one hour of charging.  If you are not impressed enough with the trimmer working at its normal speed, press the turbo boost button and you will find that not only do the blades cut hairs faster, but the fan moves faster too.

Handy Extras

Philips have even ensured that there are some handy features on this trimmer, to add extra value to the very high price tag.  These include the travel lock, to prevent your trimmer going off in transit and not used.  It can be a pain when you are commuting or travelling and try to use your shaver once you arrive, only to find that the power has been drained.  There is also a multifunctional display screen, so you are never kept in the dark.

Customer Reviews

To be perfectly honest, there has only been a small number of reviews submitted by customers regarding this product and it is a very mixed bag.  It only scored 3.3 out of 5 on average and while there were more 5 star than not, but actually only one more 5 star review than the number of 1 star reviews there were.

You really have to look at it taking everything into consideration.  Even if your budget will allow you to buy this trimmer, it may be worth taking the time to think about that decision.