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Philips QT4015 23 Stubble Trimmer


Givn that this is the third Phillips trimmer featured on my site, it is very hard to argue with Phillips´ success as an electrical goods manufacturer.  They are known globally for producing cutting edge, user-friendly and very robust products. The QT4015/23 stubble trimmer, much like the other models in this line, lives up to these expectations.

This trimmer has many great things such as the 20 locking length settings controlled by the turn of a wheel, which allows you to trim your beard and stubble to the exact length you want very easily.  It has been designed ergonomically so that it is incredibly easy to use and hold, even when you are trying to trim those harder-to-reach patches of hair.

The blades on this model are titanium, meaning that the blades will last a very long time and continue to give you as a good a trim on the hundredth use as they did on the very first.  It would be very easy to read of the spec of this trimmer as good enough reason to buy it, though that wouldn’t be the most sensible thing to do.

It is much better, as I have stated elsewhere on this site, to look at the positive and negative impartial reviews submitted by customers who have purchased and used this trimmer.  This gives you the bigger picture of what the product is really like to own and use.

There are over 50 reviews for the QT4015/23 trimmer and the majority of reviewers either gave it a 4 or 5 star rating.  Judging by the numbers solely, this would suggest that most had a favourable experience using the trimmer.

Very Effective on Different Areas

Digging deeper you can start to see what customers liked and disliked about the appliance.  Noted by many was the fact that because of the continuous sharpness of the blades, this trimmer never snags your skin or cuts you. It is also regarded as being very effective when working on various types of body and facial hair.

Another thing that you notice straight away when looking over the reviews is just how many customers are happy with the charging time and the amount of uses you get for a single charge.  Obviously this will depend on how thick your hair is, how often you need or want to trim and how long it takes you to use it, but you can’t argue with many customers suggesting that a single charge gives you weeks of use rather than days.

Some customers did make minor negative comments about this trimmer, as with just about about product sold online.  For instance, some felt that the trimmer was not built quite as robustly as they had expected, but most felt that it would last normal, frequent use.  A large percentage of the customers that left these types of comments in their reviews still recommended the product, so take from that what you will.

In summary, the Phillips QT4015/23 might not be the flashiest trimmer on the market, but what it lacks in character it makes up for in functionality.