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Philips QT4090 32 Black Pro Stubble Trimmer with Turbo Vacuum and Additional Stubble Comb (Packaging Varies)


Phillips is a well-known manufacturer of a wide range of electrical goods, including many male grooming products.  Like much of their competition in the industry, Phillips invests lots of time and money in developing cutting edge technology and game-changing designs that they hope will make their products more desirable than their rivals’.

With the Phillips QT4090/32 Pro stubble trimmer you can select the preferred length very precisely between 0.5 mm and 18 mm and there is also a turbo boost option which improves the speed of the fan and cutting ability of the trimmer.  A major selling point of this trimmer is that the blades do not require any maintenance at all.  They always stay strong and sharp and do not need to be oiled, so when you need to trim your beard or other facial hair, it is always ready to go.

Although this is a pricier model than some of the others available, there are 360 reviews on Amazon and over 140 that rate it with 5 stars – and as we look a little closer at what customers have said it is not hard to see why.

Easy to Change the Length

The first positive thing that many customers have noted about the Phillips QT4090/32 Pro Stubble trimmer is that it is very easy to change the length of the cut.  All you have to do is use your thumb to slide.  Another positive thing is the fact that it is very easy to clean, as you just simply slide all the parts out and clean it in one fell sweep.

However, the best reason to buy this trimmer by far, according to customers who have used it, is the battery.  Many people who have purchased the Phillips QT4090/32 have been able to use it more than 6 times without having to recharge the batteries since the initial charge they did when they first bought it.

One small downside though that prevented many customers from awarding this trimmer the full 5 stars, there was around 119 4 star rated reviews, is the fact that the special compartment designed to collect the trimmings while you use it is not always perfect at doing its intended job.  This isn’t really a big issue though, but just something to be aware of as it is reckoned that around 75% of your trimmings will go into special area, while the other 25% could end up on the floor, your lap, sink or shower depending on where you shave.

In summary, if the price of this trimmer falls within your budget, then it is one that you should definitely consider.  Sometimes, paying more for something does result in a much better purchase.