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Remington MB4040 Lithium Powered Beard Trimmer


Just like the other brands and their products reviewed on this site, Remington has a long successful history within the industry. This is why I am reviewing another of their trimmers.  The Remington MB4040 beard trimmer has titanium coated blades and handy features such as the beard, stubble and detail blades.

It is claimed by Remington in the blurb released with the product that this trimmer combines precision and power to give the best grooming performance and experience yet.  But do customers who have bought this appliance feel the same way?  As is stated on the other reviews featured on this site, the best way to find this out before buying it is to look at the reviews submitted online by customers.

Even though there are only 16 reviews on Amazon at the moment, it is worth pointing out that 8 of those give the Remington MB4040 trimmer the maximum 5 star rating.  This gives the impression that it is a quality product and worth taking time to consider carefully.  Customers praised the quality of the trimmer’s design and build. They also noted that it felt substantial but light in their hand.  It gives you the impression that it will not easily break and should last for a long time.

Good Battery Use

Besides the quality of the trimmer, the biggest selling point for customers and something that caught my eye about this model was the charge and usage times.  Initially, you have to charge it for a total of 14 hours, while after that you only have to charge it for 3 hours.  For the 3 hours of charge you get a whopping 160 minutes of use, which is pretty amazing compared to other models and brands for both similar and higher prices.  Another advantage is the fact that it uses a lithium-ion battery, meaning it holds on to its charge for a long time and is less likely to go flat after a couple of years.  This is a big advantage over competitor’s trimmers because often their batteries have been known to die out after a year or two.

If we look at the working ability of the trimmer, the blades cut neatly and evenly and depending on what your beard or stubble is like. It often only takes a few minutes to do some general trimming work.  One negative point against this trimmer givenby some customers was that it can be quite awkward to trim your moustache using it due to its head being a little bit bigger than the top lip area.  However, as one customer pointed out this should not put you off buying this trimmer as you can easily still use it without any real issues.

Overall, this is a decent trimmer that offers great value for money.  You may not be able to trim your nose or ear hair with it, but for the price and the quality of the design and build, the Remington MB4040 trimmer would be a great addition to any man’s set of appliances and grooming routine.