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Known for their attention to detail when it comes to producing high quality products, Braun have always been a leader in the hair and grooming industry.  Many of their shavers are highly renowned and sought after more than others.  The Series 3 3040 is another great example of what the German company do so well.  A highly affordable shaver that is both stylish and slick and jam packed with features to give you one of the best shaving experience of your life.

High-Tech Triple Cutting System And MicroComb For Efficient Shaving

If you have ever used a less expensive or older generation of electric shaver, you may well have had the experience of one stroke never being enough to remove all hairs and having irritated skin because of constantly moving the shaver back and forth.  With the triple action system used by this Braun shaver though, featuring three completely independent elements that adapt masterfully to the contours of your face, short hairs and long hairs are removed easier and more efficiently.  With the integration of MicroComb technology, the trimmer catches and pushes more hairs into the cutting elements.  This in turn minimises the chance of rash.

Designed For Wet And Dry Shaving

While many products claim to offer waterproofing, a large number let us down in this department.  With this particular Braun model, you are guaranteed a fully IPX7 certified, 100% waterproofed shaver that not only can be used in the shower under running water but can be submerged under 5 metres of water.  As well as enabling you to use the shaver in wet conditions such as the bath or shower, it also makes it much easier to clean.

Powerful And Efficient Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery

Whether you have lots of time to leave it charging or not, the powerful Ni-MH battery that this shaver runs on ensures that it will always be ready to use.  If you are running late in the morning, simply charge it for 5 minutes and you will have enough power for one shave.  If you have more time to spend and are intending on travelling and perhaps shaving on your commute, charge it for just 1 hour 45 minutes to enable you to use it for many shaves without recharging.

Customer Reviews

As you’d expect from a brand name from Braun, the Series 3 shaver has received mostly positive reviews by customers submitting their comments and ratings through Amazon.  1,120 people out of a total of 1,860 left 5 star, glowing reviews for the product and it scored 4.2 out of 5 over all.  Not only was the effectiveness of the shaver commended, but customers were impressed with just how comfortable it felt to use and because of the triple cutting action, they found shaving with this product to be a quicker experience than they had with other models.

If you want a product that is both effective and over delivers on what it says it does, but that is also affordable and from a reputable, world leader of the industry = you should give due consideration to the Series 3 3040 Men’s Electric Foil Shaver, from Braun.