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Braun have been a firm favourite for many men and women throughout the world, over the last couple of decade.  Even with their more expensive models, such as this one, the Series 7 790cc-4 foil shaver, they are still considered one of the leading manufacturers in the grooming industry – known for delivering practical products that offer great value for money.

The Braun Flexible Shaving System

The Series 7 shaver features a head that fully pivots and with the combination of MicroMotion and MacroMotion, the head has more contact with the skin than other products.  This allows for highly effective facial adaptability and means that in the quickest time you can have the most thorough results.  The idea is that the Series 7 790cc-4 removes more hairs in every stroke than many of the products produced by Braun’s competitors.

100% Effective Waterproofing

While some products claim to be waterproof, many of them are not truly waterproof.  However this particular trimmer and shaver is IPX7 certified and can be submerged fully in water (never mind just held under running water) in as much as 5 m of water.  The fact that it is 100% waterproof also makes it a little easier to rinse and clean when you are finished to answer.

Low Maintenance Thanks To Clean And Charge Station

While you may be used to having to clean the blades out or wipe the casing of your current shaver, you would not have the same problem with the Series 7 as it comes complete with a charging and cleaning station.  The docking stand uses alcohol and has 5 main actions.  Among the things the base can do is charging, lubricating the blades and cleaning out the shaver to ensure it is always hygienic to use.  Further to that, the whole cleaning, lubricating and drying process can be started by the touch of a button.

Allows You To Tailor Your Shave To Your Own Preferences

The Braun Series 7 features 3 very different shaving modes.  This means that you will easily be able to achieve the particular facial hair style and look you were aiming for.  It also uses what the company refers to as an ActiveLift trimmer, that lifts up all hairs that are lying flat, so they are easy to cut.

Customer Reviews

Despite it’s extremely high price tag, the Braun Series 7  has scored an impressive 4.6 out of 5 by customers who have left reviews on the shaver.  627 people out of 815 gave it the full 5 star rating.  Many people have said that it more than lives up to the promises and claims in its description.

Obviously, it is down to you and what suits you.  The Braun Series 7 shaver should not simply be written off as too expensive, when you consider what the company has included in the design.  If your budget allows it, this may be a shaver that gives you fine results each and every time you use it for a long time to come.