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Philips have always been a highly favoured and respected electrical goods manufacturer and their products within the personal grooming sector are some of the best available.  The Series 7000 Body Groomer Pro TT2040/32 is yet another great example of their expertise in making easy to use, but forward thinking products.  Whether you are looking to shape and trim or want to remove all of your beard, this trimmer is worthy of your consideration.

All In One Solution To Your Grooming Needs

Thanks to its dual end design, the Bodygroomer Pro is a full and complete answer to all your grooming needs.  At the top end of the trimmer there is a 3D pivoting head that enables you to shave smoothly by following the contours of your skin, avoiding irritation.  Additionally, the head has pre-trimmers at either side, enabling a close shave without having to repeatedly shave at the same area twice.

At the opposite end of the groomer, there is a high quality trimmer that provide a truly refined grooming experience.  Rounded combs and blades make scratches less likely and you can choose between 5 different length settings, ranging from as small as an 1/8 inch to 11/25 inch.  This means you will always be able to achieve the precise look you desire without the need for additional attachments and hassle.

Comfortable And Conveniently Designed

Philips have designed the BodyGroomer so that it is ergonomic and thus very easy to control and hold.  Whether you are using it in dry or wet conditions, the soft rubber buttons and side panels give you a very comfortable and secure grip.  As hinted, due to it being 100% waterproof, you can use it virtually anywhere, including under the shower.

As an additional level of comfort, Philips have built a shaving head that is made from completely hypo-allergenic materials, meaning it is always kind on your skin.  The blades themselves have been built for your convenience and as they are self-sharpening you will never need to re-lubricate them or sharpen them.  This particular shaver will always be ready to use.

Rechargeable For Extra Convenience

If you have always used corded electric grooming products in the past, you are in for a real treat using this trimmer.  It features a powerful rechargeable battery that after just 1 hour’s worth of charge can give you 50 minutes of cord-free use.

Useful Features And Extras

The trimmer has a battery indicator in the form of an LED that displays whether the shaver is low, full or charging.  It also comes with a very classy, folding stand for a handy place to store and charge when it’s not in use.

Customers Reviews

As you may expect from as reputable a brand as Philips is, the BodyGroomer Pro has received, for the most part, very positive customer reviews.  Of the 566 submitted to Amazon, a hard to ignore majority of 353 scored it the full 5 stars.  Customers enjoyed the shave it gave them and although it is designed more with all-over body shaving in mind, it still will competently shave and trim your facial hair.

If you are in the market for a trimmer or shaver that will safely help you get rid of unsightly and unwanted hairs at various areas on your body, the Philips BodyGroomer Pro is a very affordable option worthy of your consideration.