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Wahl 9906-2017 Silver Groomsman Battery Hair, Beard and Moustache Trimmer Set Review


It is with good reason that I have featured more than one Wahl beard trimmer.  Not only were they first to release a commercially viable model, but they have remained at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality of build and improvements made to the technology of trimmers.

Like many of their other trimmers, the 9906-2017 Silver Groomsman is a versatile appliance that can be used for sideburns, neckline and facial hair trimming.  Attention has been given as usual to ensure that the shape and grip of the trimmer is soft and ergonomically comfortable, making it much easier to control and use.

Looking over the customer reviews on Amazon of this Wahl trimmer, it’s clear that it is a very popular product.  There has been over 85 reviews submitted by customers in total, with around 24 leaving 4 star ratings and around 34 leaving 5 star ratings.

Many people were especially positive about the quality and functionality of the trimmer despite such a low price tag.  One customer pointed out that the blade guards are perhaps a little bit flimsy, but considering everything else that makes the trimmer great and the price, you couldn’t really complain too much.

Quick and Easy to Use

Other customers noted how quick and easy it is to use, with one in particular stating how he doesn’t like to get up too early to fit his daily trim into the morning schedule and this trimmer allowed him to spend longer in bed.  That is definitely something all of us busy working men can appreciate, isn’t it?

On the negative side, there have been some customers who have been a little unsatisfied with the build quality of the trimmer.  As pointed out by one other reviewer, it definitely meets expectations levels for a trimmer that costs as little as a tenner. In fact what you actually get for this price is a very well designed and manufactured product.

The battery life is another major positive for the cordless 9906-2017, with many users saying they are extremely happy with the number of trims they are able to achieve before having to replace the batteries.  Further to this positive, customers also stated that even when the battery power is low the trimmer does not seem to weaken, meaning you have the same strength of trimming for the majority of the battery life.

Overall, it would seem that Wahl have hit on another winning and popular product with the 9906-2017 Silver Groomsman.  Taking into consideration the incredibly low price, the brand’s prominence in the industry and the fact that it does exactly what it says on the tin; if you only have a limited budget then you should definitely consider buying this trimmer.