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Wahl 9918-1117 Beard and Moustache Groomsman Trimmer MainsRechargeable


When purchasing electrical goods, it is normally a good idea to choose a brand that comes recommended or that is known for producing high quality products.  While you might be on a tight budget, choosing an appliance at the upper end of your budget might be a better idea than simply picking the cheapest one at the lower end of your budget.

Wahl, as previously mentioned on this website, is a company that was founded by the inventor Leo J. Wahl, who is credited with creating the first electric hair clipper.  His company has been the industry leader ever since 1919 and continues to push the boundaries when it comes to the functionality and technology of grooming products.  The 9918-1117 beard and moustache Groomsman come with a 6 position and close trim comb that enables you to trim your facial hair to the appropriate length for the look you are trying to achieve.

Lots of Good Online Reviews

Looking at the number of customer reviews for this item on Amazon, there are over 160, with more than 70 rating it with 5 stars and over 50 rating it with 4 stars.  This is a good indication to me that this is a great product.

When you dig a little bit deeper you discover that there are many reasons to fall in love with this trimmer from Wahl.  First things first, there’s the price. At under £20 it is hard to argue that this isn’t a good price.  But, is it a cheap and badly made product?

No, according to most customers the Wahl 9918-1117 has a really sturdy build and the range of attachments included gives you everything you could need to keep your beard in check.  The instructions are the one thing that some customers were less and happy with, as they are not the clearest. Having said that, it is so simple to use that you probably don´t need to spend a lot of time on the instructions anyway.

There was at least one glowing review from a customer who had previously trimmed and shaped his goatee using scissors and combs and tried this particular Wahl in the hope that it would make it an easier and quicker task.  In his review, he stated that he couldn’t believe how life changing the product was, as it has really shortened his grooming routine in the morning.  He also made reference to the fact that it is so well designed – ergonomically speaking – that he was able to use it without prior practise and was very pleased with the results.

Taking the fact that it has been designed and manufactured by a company with an illustrious and ground-breaking history in the industry, with the fact that so many impartial reviewers enjoyed their experience of using it and recommend it – it is hard to see why you wouldn’t want to risk 15 quid on this trimmer.