Rotary Blade Versus Foil Blade Shavers

As the market for personal grooming tools and accessories has become awash with many different options and advertisements for these, it can be so overwhelming that we just end up closing our eyes and picking just anything.  If you have experience of that scenario, you know how well it ends.

The biggest organ on our bodies is our skin and we buy products with the intention of making our skin look its best.  Whether it is by shaving our facial hair completely or by keeping our beards and moustaches neat and tidy, we all want to look and feel our best.  However, what if the razor you choose could actually be making your skin worse rather than better?  Have you ever shaven your face and when you run your hands over it, expecting a nice baby smooth feeling, are surprised to feel that you have bumps and a burning sensation over your face?

If you have, this means plainly and simply that you have bought the wrong type of razor.

As each and every one of us have unique skin, it should be noted and remembered that while one product may be good for your friends, you may need to use a different product.  This leads us onto the question that a lot of people ask when it comes to razors and shavers, Foil blade or Rotary Blade.

To discuss this properly, it is worth looking at the differences between the two.

Foil Blades

If you have ever heard of something called a foil razor, it is exactly as it sounds.  They generally consider of 3 blades inside a mechanical head that has then been covered with a layer of thin foil.  Switch on the trimmer or shaver and you are ready to go with three blades buzzing over your skin.  Although it doesn’t sound like it, a foil blade shaver is less abrasive than a manual razor and leaves a very close shave.  The cut hair is collected easily into the slots along the length of the foil.  One piece of advice to be aware of using this kind of shaver though is to be sure not to press it too firmly against your face or you may cut more than just the hair.

Rotary Blades

Again, rotary blade shavers are very explanatory.  They consist of a set of circular razors attached together, normally this is three blades that rotate in a triangular shape and are built onto the base mechanics that power them.  This type of shaving tool provides more flexibility than you tend to get with traditional razors.  As our faces are full of curves and contours, the rotary blade helps to remove hairs from all the curves and indents, easily and safely.  Even though it follows the various curves of your face, it never rubs too close against your skin.  This means that you are less likely to suffer from razor burn using this type of trimmer.

How Do you Decide Between Foil and Rotary?

If you have very coarse and thick hair on your face or your hair grows in wild and varied directions, you are better opting for a rotary shaver.  This is also the type of blade you should choose if you do not usually shave very regularly.

If though, you are interested in having a very neat and tidy, precise and pristine looking beard or facial hair, you should consider going the foil blade route.  This is also the best option if you tend to shave every day.

There you have it, you are now a little better informed and know the difference between foil and rotary blades and what the best option for you will be.