Shaving Other Parts Of Your Body

Whenever us men are discussing shaving with one another, we will never chat about the beard trimmer they used to shave their navel, armpits, back, chest or even their groin.  However, with beard trimmers becoming so popular these days, it’s time to face up to the naked truth that we all do this and even if we don’t, some of us want to and in the page below you will find a guide about how to take care of each and part of your body, while trimming and shaving the hairs away.

When it comes to personal grooming it is all about individual preference and whereas some men like to just maintain and trim their body hair to make it nice and neat, others like to shave it all.  If you believe that shaving isn’t a very masculine thing to do, think again.  Many of the most wrestlers in the world shave or wax their chest so there is less for their opponents to grab and hold on to during a match.  Sounds quite masculine, doesn’t it?  It is also a fact that around 87% of women in the United Kingdom are more attracted to a man who at least owns and uses a beard trimmer to keep their body hair neat and tidy; with the most hated areas for hair growth being the ears, nose and back.

Chest Shaving

When you shave a part of your body that is not your face, you should approach it in very much the same way.  Warm up the skin with a hot shower and lather the area you are going to shave with ordinary shaving cream.  The hairs on your chest differ from your facial hair as they like to grow in various directions, so it is always a good practice to shave chest hairs from the top downwards, because if you shave upwards you are applying more pressure on the skin and more likely to cut yourself.  We also recommend that you leave shaving the hairs around your nipples to last and you should never shave across them.  Your nipples, as you are probably aware, are very sensitive and you could cut yourself very easily trying to shave over them.  It is best to shave from the middle of your nipples outwards in all directions, with only one stroke usually being necessary to get rid of the pesky hairs that grow around that area.

Armpit Shaving

It is becoming increasingly popular for men to shave their armpits.  This is because as well as matching other hairless parts of your body, it is also scientifically proven to improve your overall smell.  Hair under your armpits traps sweat from your arms and when it is dried it creates a horrible odour that we all know well.  Although removing the hair from your armpits won’t prevent you from sweating, it will stop huge volumes of liquid drying under your arms and making you smell bad.  When you shave the hairs of your armpits, it is important for you to lather up the foam or oil you are using as you normally would and then make quick, small strokes to remove the bulk of the hair.  Once it starts to thin out, you can then make larger strokes to help smooth the area properly.  To prevent irritation, you must remember to use moisturiser and an aftershave balm.

Back Shaving

If you are going to attempt to shave your back using a beard trimmer, we would advise that you get help from someone as you will find it hard to much on your own.  The most you will likely be able to do on your own is your shoulders using the opposite arm for each, so unless you have someone who can help you shave your back, it is probably best sticking with waxing strips if you want to do it on your own.  When you do get help from someone else, ask them to use small even strokes with only a small bit of pressure, as the beard trimmer should do all the hard work for them.

Groin Shaving

Now guys, we knew this was coming and there will be many of you thinking “I’ve shaved my chest, back, shoulders and armpits – do I really need to shave my groin?”  Obviously the answer to that question will be different from person to person.  Although no-one is forcing you to do it, there are some men who do and many women who prefer trimmed pubic hair, while others hate it.  If you are currently in a relationship it may be a good idea to discuss whether or not they like the idea of you shaving or trimming your pubic hair before you do it, or they may hate if you just jumped into it.

When you start trimming your pubic hair, you need to pull on the skin tightly so that the area of skin you are shaving is as flat as it possibly can be.  You then just need to use very gentle strokes moving towards the navel and then start working your way round each side and other areas you want to remove hair from.  By using a great quality moisturiser immediately after you have finished shaving, you will be able to avoid itching and irritation around the groin on the next couple of days.