Straight Razor Shave

Not all beards were created equal, so there isn’t a “one shaver fits all” approach to grooming your beard. Electric trimmers are great for maintenance, but not ideal for an extremely close shave. If you are simply looking to groom your beard then the straight razor is not for you and you should consider a beard grooming kit. A straight razor shave seems like something straight out of a western movie, but not everyone is excited by the idea of shaving with a straight razor. To get a quality shave without slicing into yourself, it will take a little getting used to and the results will be worth the effort. If you are interested in the straight razor shave, our advice to you is to find a straight razor barbershop that can clean you up. If you don’t live near a barbershop and you want to try this for yourself, follow these tips below for getting the most out of your straight razor shave and don’t forget to find the perfect razor for your shave before you start.

Pre-Shave Preparation

Separation is in the preparation, and that could be the difference between a good experience and a bad one. Start with a hot shower and massage your face well with a warm cloth (no soap). The steam from the warm shower will help to open pores and soften your facial hair, the additional massaging with a warm cloth with help those pores open. Softening your facial hair will help prevent a rough shave, loosen hair follicles, and help prevent razor burn.

Shaving Oils

Prepping the face with a quality pre-shave oil is a great way to get the skin moisturized and ready for a razor.

Applying The Shaving Cream

Shaving cream should be applied to the face after the oil for a more traditional wet shave. Find a quality shaving cream and pay the premium. The ingredients used in premium creams will lather your face better and provide for a better overall experience. You can apply the cream with your hands, or if you prefer a more authentic experience you can invest in a shaving brush. Using a brush is ideal for the fact that the bristles can get under your beard hair and apply the lather more efficiently.

Strop Til You Drop

If you want the best experience possible you gotta keep the edge of your straight blade sharp. Stropping is necessary before every shave. What is stropping you ask? It’s the sharpening of your edge on a leather strap. The straight razor strop is a strip of leather used to get the ultimate edge on your straight razor blade. Buy a strop, learn how to use it, and improve your experience shaving with a straight razor.

Look, shaving isn’t rocket science. Follow these simple tips and be patient. Learning any craft can take time and repetition. Don’t expect your first go at this to be some amazing experience that immediately qualifies you to become a straight razor barber. Shave weekly to get used to the process and you too can soon become a master of the straight razor shave.