The Coolest Beard Trends Of 2016

It often follows that men who have cool hairstyles, also have cool beards.  The reasons beard opt to grow beard are numerous – for some it is to hide neck flab, comfort, the aesthetics of the beard itself or just because they don’t want to suffer razor burn any more.

It is crucial though, to remember that a beard accounts for half of the style of your head.  This is why there is more to just growing a beard than just growing a beard.  You have to maintain it, clean it, shape it and trim it to make it look the best it can.  Just how you shape it and trim it, depends very much on your own personal preferences.  If you are looking for inspiration though, you have come to the right place as well look at some of the coolest beard trends for men during 2015.

The Traditional Full Beard

While it is true that beards work at just about any length, a full beard will always command a certain amount of respect and never seems to go out of fashion.  Now, when we say full beards we don’t mean those shabby-live-in-the-forests away from humanity kind of beards, we mean beards that have been neatly trimmed and shaped using a beard trimmer.  Not everyone can grow a very thick beard, this much is true, but in order to find out, you need to give it a chance to flourish.

The Balbo

If you opt for the balbo beard, you will be seen as a very confident, stylish and bold individual.  The name balbo comes from the WWII Italian Air Marshall Italo Balbo, who had his beard styled in a very particular way.  It can be seen as something of an extended goatee and moustache.  The most famous example of someone rocking the balbo look is Robert Downey Jnr. as Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Designer Stubble

Designer Stubble is one of those trends you can’t seem to escape from, as so many guys seem to opt for it.  Designer beard or stubble essentially consists of a full beard made completely of stubble.  This popular and cool look is very easy to maintain using a beard trimmer.

Short And Boxed Beard

If you are not convinced that the full beard or designer beard is right for you, perhaps the short and boxed beard may suit you better.  This is a great option if you want a full beard but do not want to go full-on Grizzly Adams.  Although there isn’t much difference between a short and boxed beard and a designer stubble beard, as it is longer than the stubble variety, you need to let it grow out for a couple of weeks rather than a couple of days.

Donegals Or Chin Curtains

The Donegal, chin strap or chin curtain can be described more accurately, if you are not familiar with it, as being a full beard minus a moustache.  In order to get the look and feel of this style just right, you need to keep your beard very short and thin.  The best way to achieve this is to grow a full beard as normal and then use a beard trimmer to get rid of the moustache.

The Klingon

Inspired by the aliens from the TV show Star Trek, the Klingon is a relatively easy style to achieve.  You need to grow a full beard and then trim the upper lip, making sure that both sides of your moustache are still connected to your beard.

The Hollywoodian

A real vintage beard style, that once was the most popular way to grow and wear a beard, the Hollywoodian is very similar to a short and boxed style, with the main difference being it has a longer disconnection between the sideburns and facial hair along the jawline.  If you want to look like some of the richest and most famous people in the world, particularly the stars of Hollywood, then this is the look for you.