The Rise In Popularity Of Beards And Beard Trimmers

picHave you noticed in the last couple of years that beards, moustaches and other forms of facial hair have become more popular again.  It seems that everything has taken a u-turn from the way things were at the start of the 00’s when the metro-sexual, well groomed look was king.  The interesting thing is that this new increase in popularity isn’t isolated to one particular section of the male population, as people of all ages and from various walks of life are growing them.  What then, could be the reasons for this sudden rush to grow facial hair and be on the look out for the best beard trimmer?  In the following article we suggest what we feel are the main reason for the resurgence in the trend.

Emulating Famous People

Whether we like to admit it openly or not, we are all influenced in some ways with regards to how we dress and groom by the people we admire and like that we are exposed to in the media.  With that in mind it is not surprising to note that there is a large number of celebrities, musicians and actors who were in the past clean shaven and are now sporting beards and facial hair in a variety of forms.

Hollywood A-listers such as Bradley Cooper with his very neat and tidy, 5 o’clock shadow, Leonardo DiCaprio with his very untidy-but-still-looks-great shaggy beard and Johnny Depp with his super trendy goatee and moustache combination look are just three that stand out.  Folk music becoming more mainstream and popular again has definitely played a part in every day folk wanting to look like their musical idols, just so they can feel part of something.

Charitable Calender Events

Another reason for people growing out their beards and being interested in beard trimmers rather than shavers could be the introduction of Movember and No-Shave November.  Movember involves men growing out a moustache for the month in order to raise some sponsorship money and awareness of testicular and prostate cancer and other men’s issues.  While No Shave November encourages men to ditch shaving for the entire month and then use the money they would have spent on shaving products to give to the American Cancer Society.

As these events are talked about incessantly on social media and as people are more proactive than they ever have been in doing things for charity, this could be part of the driving force behind why people get involved and grow their facial hair.

They Do It Because They Can

Aside from the above reasons, it could be because of improvements in shaving and grooming products, that make it easier to maintain good looking facial hair.  Nowadays it doesn’t cost a lot of money to purchase a really good beard trimmer that can help you to have a very distinguished and professional looking bit of facial hair.

Although we live in modern times when gender is not so easily categorised by small things like facial hair; there is still something inherently masculine about growing out and maintaining facial hair.  Ask the majority of people why they grew their facial hair and the first answer they give is probably going to be because they could and wanted to.  And why not?  Growing your beard can feel freeing and working hard on trimming it and keeping it well groomed can give you a great sense of self confidence.