Tips for Achieving Beard Perfection

Are you concerned that your beard is not looking quite as good as it could? There is more to growing and maintaining a beard than just avoiding shaving. In the following post, we want to help you out a little by sharing with you some tips that can help you achieve beard perfection. Before we go any further though, we need to highlight that it is not an overnight affair. You can’t just wake up one morning with the finest beard in all the land and not do anything else for the foreseeable future. Beards need work. These tips will help you, though.

Invest in a Good Quality Beard Shampoo

If you’ve been washing your beard with soap or shampoo, we would recommend that you switch to a more beard-focused product. Although there is nothing wrong with washing your beard with the same stuff you use for the hair on top of your head, it’s certainly better than not washing it at all…beard shampoos and soaps have formulas that are designed to help look after, not just the hair, but the sensitive skin underneath it too.

Comb it Out

Have you ever seen someone comb their beard and thought that they were just basically a bit full of themselves? You were wrong for thinking that and you should apologise right away! If you don’t want to apologise, you could follow in their footsteps and start using a comb or brush to work through your chin fur. Not only will it make your beard look better because it will be neater, brushing and combing beards can help to remove debris and dirt and spread the natural oils produced by your body that gives it that attractive lustre.

Trim it Back, Regularly

As noted at the outset, growing a beard is not just about not shaving. In fact, although you won’t necessarily have to shave, you still must trim and snip at your beard from time to time. Trimming it encourages and stimulates the hair follicles to grow. It also, though, helps to keep it looking neat and tidy. A beard trimmer is a great tool to have at your disposal, especially one with various sizes of combs and blades.

Work out the length of beard you prefer and make a regular habit of trimming it back to that length. If you have different comb and blade attachments for your beard trimmer but are unsure what length they are, you could always just measure them using a ruler. What if, though, you don’t have a ruler close to hand? Then, the internet has the answer for you.

In the event of not having a ruler close by, you can always use virtual ruler. This is a great online ruler that is absolutely free and easy to use. By adjusting it correctly, you can then just use your computer or device’s screen as a ruler, holding the blade or comb to it and checking the length.

Use Beard Oil

If you want your beard to look its best, always, you need to treat it with respect and care. The idea of rubbing oil into your beard may seem a bit daft at first. However, just as you use moisturiser (or should) on your skin to help hydrate it, you need to take the same approach with your beard.